Monday, 12 May 2014

Puzzles & Bubbles

About 2 weeks ago, we went to Mum & Kids Fair 2014 at Setia City Convention Centre. Not planning actually, we not even know about the Fair. That weekend, we went to Asan’s relative house, they said they going to that Fair, so, we just follow. There is also PC Expo held at the same hall. 2 expos in 1 hall, so you can imagine, it’s not that big, and not many vendor took part. But, it’s ok….since this is unplanned plan, and we do not bring the baby stroller, and Adelea didn’t want to walk, so we didn’t take so much time strolling the whole wall.

I want to survey for breast pump, and my preferred one is Medela freestyle breast pump.

Ok, I’m not going to talk about this breast pump, not in this entry. I still haven’t had enough information about this product other than positive feedback from mothers who already use this product. Most of them give almost the same positive feedback, they say this product is “bagus” and highly recommend, but...*why they always but on something best?* mahal.

What I want to show is actually on material education we bought for Adelea.

Adelea loves to play Jigsaw Puzzle in iPad, she able to piece together the puzzle maximum 16 pieces, which of course make me proud. But, at the same time, also make me worried because, she only able to do it in the iPad game. Previously, I bought 2 boxes of Jigsaw Puzzle, one is 96 pieces (what was I thinking???) another is 24 pieces. She shows interest but she not manages to put the puzzle into 1 piece. When she failed, she gives up and let me finish it. Virtual and actual puzzle definitely requires different way of thinking on how to solve it. I never think of that. Sigh!

I bought 3 boards of puzzle, but still not yet open the plastic cover. Nanti. Not the time yet.

I have other things for her, which I think she’ll be more interested in. Also some sort of puzzle, but it involves numbers, alphabet and words.

The easy addition is the one that she chose. It has picture of ball as the cover picture, tu yang dia nak sangat that easy addition. Not because there are 2 + 1 = 3.

Other things that I bought are a colouring book and a box of pencil colours. These I bought from the MPH Bookstore.

I did mention I love art right? I want my kids to have the same interest too. 

Kan like mommy like daughter. But, when I saw the result, I almost cry. How should I grade this?


Takpe Adelea, practice makes perfect. Usaha lagi.

Before that, some may knows that there are a big field next to the Setia City Mall, and have many activities there. Before we went to dinner that night, we took her to watch the colourful water fountain and to the field and bought her a bubble gun. This is something new to her. I seriously don’t know whether this will help develop her motor or not, but tak kisahhlah. Now not the belajar time, sekarang suka-suka time, so we give her chance to happily play with something that she never play with. Lagipun, there are many boxes and boards of puzzle waiting for her to do revision starting tomorrow. Hehehe. There's always a catch.

Having quality time with my small family. It such a blessed.

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