Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Scribbles on the cupboard door

On the same day I bought the colour pencil & the colouring book, Asan relatives asked us “aren’t we afraid, she will draw scribbles on the wall?”

We said “no”, so far memang Adelea never draw on the wall. We bought for her a marker board from IKEA, and she will draw scribbles on that marker board. But….the next day, she drew scribbles on the cupboard door from the colour pencil and happily showed to Asan what she has done.

Muka gembira tau, faham tak? Tak sampai hati nak marah. What I could only say that time is to tell her not to draw on anything else other than the colouring book that I bought for her. And, she has to wipe off the scribbles by herself. She not allowed me when I want to wipe it off, so I thought, ok later when she’s sleeping, I’ll wipe them.

When Asan told me about that, and when I saw that, I almost make decision, to hide all kind of colour pencil or pen or anything that she can use to draw. Although, we have paint the wall with easy-wash paint, but still, NO! I don’t mind la if there is no like mommy like daughter. siapa sanggup nak lap dinding hari-hari?

Less than 5 minutes, she went out from that room, went near to me and asked for “kain” while her finger pointing to the kain buruk on my kitchen cabinet. I took it, wet it a bit and passed to her. She took it, run back to the room. I peep from the curtain door, and saw her wiping the scribbles off. I took it as she understood what I was saying just now.

My daughter’s growing up. *cry a river*


  1. such a clever girl. good job adelea sofea

    1. hehehe....tapi memang rasa marah jugak time tu kak, nasib baik boleh hilang yang dia conteng tu.