Thursday, 22 May 2014

Something for Adelea

After many days I stop my sewing project, ok, last night I got in touch again with my sewing machine. This time the project is for my beloved daughter ayang ami Adelea. I have planned for this project longgggggg *say it with your eyes close, stop, open your eyes* time ago. But, biasalah….hehehehe…

I decided I should have a sketch book, so that I have a proper record of my sewing project. Complete with the details; materials, tools, fabrics, measurement, etc….it’s more proper & more organized. Whenever in future I want to make the same pattern or size (hopefully I maintain the same size), I can always refer back to my sketch book. As we have “1001 nights”, “1001 recipes”, now I’m creating for myself --- 1001 sewing ideas. Hehehe.

By looking at the thickness of the book, I’m sure to have that “1001 sewing ideas”….#keepthinkingpositive

By the way, I’ll keep it a secret what is the project for now until the project is completed.

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