Thursday, 1 May 2014

Why not when you were young?


Why you don’t learn how to cook when you were young?

My BIL asked me.

Hamboihhh…why should I???

Nak je jawab macam tu, but not good la right.

The conversation started when I ask him, when my other BIL will arrived because if he plans to have dinner at home, then I’ll cook for him. If not, I don’t have to cook extra. Then he starts to mock me “kak ros masak???”

“mestilah. Dah tu, if I don’t start to cook now, when I can be a pro cook?”

“Why you don’t learn how to cook when you were young?

“When I was young, I learn how to get a degree”. Giggles!

Then we change topic. Phewwww..

Seriously…I used to be someone who doesn’t want to learn how to cook. Not really sure why, but we never been emphasized to be a good cook by our parents since we were small. What my parents emphasized more are us to study, study, study, get flying colours in exam, enrol into university, get a scroll, start working and we all will be free from poverty. Sacrifice. My parents willing to do all house chores to ensure we all have enough time to study.

As we grow up, my mother starts to bising-bising at us to learn to cook, but I just ignore her. Tolong sikit-sikit, mana yang patut, when we went back home during school/study break, but still no interest to cook. Sometimes, we made fun back at her, blame her for not emphasize us earlier. Hahahaha…not in rude mode la, ok. gurau-gurau laser.

Senang cerita, I really don’t take the importance to be a good cook seriously. Again, why should I?

During Uni time, I had a friend, whom her mother emphasized her to cook. And she starts to cook for her family after finish school while waiting for SPM result. How impress is that. Bukan orang biasa-biasa tau, consider berada jugak. Malu I. but I still kat takuk malas masak jugak. I’m impressed but not inspired.

But…when I was pregnant with Adelea, I start to have this feeling “I want Adelea to recognize me as the best cook in the world”

We always bragged about how our own mother is the best cook in the world, right? so, if I just know how to cook sambal and telur goreng, how Adelea going to excitedly tells her friend that I – her mother – is the best cook – then she invites her friends to come over – then I cook delicious dishes – I make my daughter proud. That will never happen.

At the same time, you know la, in early marriage memang diuji dengan ujian kewangan. Some more we have to pay for 2 houses rent and 1 house instalment. Wallet memang pedih, bank balance memang sadis. So, that time, I think that will be the right time for me to start to cook. Selain jimat, the thought of “I’m the mother who cook the best dishes” has been one of the inspirations.

I still malas, tapi ku gagahi jua demi pujian yang tak pasti akan terjadi atau tak, so, I start to learn to cook, sikit-sikit.

And, since I start pregnant with my second child, I have this habit – I don’t like to see only 1 dish on the table. If not, dulu, I always cheat. I cook gulai daging/ayam/ikan and mixed with vegetable together. Now, cannot. Although I have gulai mixed with vege, I’ll still prepare another vege dish. Then telur dadar or ikan masin or goreng cendawan or goreng tepung. I also have the spirit (whoaaaahhhhhhh) to try variety of dishes. I still malas, tapi I just can’t stand my eyes to see the dining table so kosong, then walau malas, I still found myself kopek bawang, menumbuk ikan bilis for the next dish. Ish.hhh… yang paling sadis, cooking blog has become my favourite blog currently. cayo tuuu?

So last night, I cook Gulai Pucuk paku with Ikan Masin and Ikan Siakap goreng. No 3rd dish because it’s already 9 something-pm, I have to feed Adelea 1st. I asked Asan & my BIL to eat first, because I still full with 2 slices of bread and about 10 pieces of biscuits. Hehe. I’m still kenyang. Result dia….liiiii-chiinnnn!

Maybe I masak ikhlas agaknya, this what left for me. Tak tinggal pun takpe actually, because I’m still full. Whatever pun, I’m so happy seeing my loved ones makan my masakan. Bahagia. Tapi penat. (bukan penat tapi bahagia. Lain maksud)

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