Monday, 23 June 2014

Backpain and free-style-kick

This second pregnancy is totally different with my first *mind you on my maternity pants*. People are so right when they say, each pregnancy is different. So, basically, the manual/notes of my 1st pregnancy is no more applicable now, in other words it should not be kept any longer and I don’t have to add more notes on that.

Another thing that I would like to share here is the back pain. I stop wearing heels once I learned I’m pregnant, therefore, it must not come from the heels. I started feeling the pain since the 1st trimester, and ever since that, I sleep with a pillow placed under my back. When I already lay down on my bed, it’s not easy for me to get up or change position to sideways. I have to do it veeeery slowly and sometimes it comes together with Allah Allah Allah aduh aduh aduhhhhh mutters. I look more like an old grandmother already. Worse!

Thought of to get some good pregnancy massage, but, when I’m free a bit, I don’t feel the back pain. So, this must come from long hours of sitting at the office. I must start to learn to send emails while standing. Ha ha ha.

Another is, I started to feel the baby’s kicking, ok maybe not a kicking yet, but the baby’s movement. If I’m not mistaken, I started to feel that on my 4 months pregnant. Although this is my 2nd experience of having a baby inside my womb, I still cannot recognize whether it just angin movement or the baby’s movement.

As the days go on, with my bump growing healthily, I started to feel the baby’s movement become more frequent and….faster. It really an awkward feeling and totally different when Adelea was in my tummy. When I pregnant with Adelea, her movement is more like a ballet-dancing-style or synchronized-swimming-style, that’s ok, that movements made me feel soothe. The kicking is also not so hard, but more like a soft tapping/knocking. Like we knocked the door and asked gently “is anyone in?” Similar to that, just that maybe what the baby asked is “is anyone outside…feed me some nice & crispy fried chicken, please”

But this time, the baby movement, really makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when the baby stretches his/her body (I guess) and I can feel that my tummy is about to explode in any minutes if he/she doesn’t stop stretching. No more ballet-dancing or synchronized swimming, but more like a bungee-jumping….weeeeehuuuuuuu all the way from the top, or, if it’s not bungee-jumping, it’s like the baby is exercising on a trampoline. Sigh.

As Adelea is more like tapping/knocking, this baby is more like wrestling or boxing. No more soft spoken but more like “ANYONE OUTSIDE….FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!!!” *continue knock the uterus*

Adelea’s softer.

Sometimes, I said to the baby like this “Shheeeshhhh you…stop it!!!”

But after that, I regret on what I’ve said “ok ok…you can move or kick or whatever you want to do, as long as you are happy and healthy inside. Mommy will tahan your perangai” (continue: I just can’t wait to pull your ear!!)

Cries a river