Friday, 13 June 2014

Boy or girl questionnaire

As a mother, who is pregnant, apart from wanting a healthy child, other things that she likes to know is the gender of the baby. Oh wait…not the mother alone, the people around her also want to know as much as the mother. If you don’t believe me, ok, answer my question below,

“When you bump into your acquaintance who are pregnant, among your questions would be:

1) Already scan?
2) Boy or girl?”

Kan kan kan? Ah sudah…tak payah nak fake sangat. Admit je!

After that, suddenly they turn into a witch, the only difference is, they didn’t read/see from the magic ball, instead they just observe *like an expert* the mother’s tummy, then go “your tummy is “low”, you carrying a boy”.

Hehehehehe….these people…they are funny….*giggles*
Who needs ultrasound machine when the eyes can do the reading?

*continue giggles*

This time, I do pray we’ll be blessed with a boy. Because, we already have a daughter, so with God willing, I hope we’ll be blessed with a son.

There are other myths in Malay culture on how they determine the baby genders. The tummy case above, if you carrying a girl, your tummy will look “high”. Although, the shape is actually depends on the position of the baby & other medical factors. But, sometimes, their guesses are right.

So, that’s why people said, jangan melawan cakap orang tua.

Food craving is also 1 of the method. If the mother loves to eat meat, the mother is carrying a girl, if more to seafood, it’ll be a boy. As for me, I love both, before, during & after pregnancy. So, I must carrying a twin…wowwww…..hahaha…jokes….I carry a single baby.

Another method is the behaviour or attitude of the mother. If she’s hardworking than usual, she’s carrying a girl. If she became lazier than usual, she’s carrying a boy. When I was pregnant with Adelea, suddenly I became sleepy all the time. I sleep in the car, during lunch, after I reach home from office until Asan fed-up and scold me “asyik tidur…cuba lawan perasaan tu……”. I’m lazy, and became lazier, yet I delivered a baby girl. So, I guess all the factors so far cannot be applied to me. hehehehehe.

What else….1 more…if the mother looks prettier, she’s said to carry a boy, if she looks gloomy all the times, she’s carry a girl because the baby girl has seized the mother’s beauty. I don’t want to comment about myself, I’m not that pretty. (nampak kan humble…oh la la la) But, when Erra Fazira pregnant with Engku Aleesya, she’s still gorgeous to the max, MasyaAllah so pretty…..hoccay….

Whatever it is…it just myths, being tell from one generation to another. There are no sophisticated machines, so they draw conclusions from their observations. But, don’t play-play, some of the guesses are so true, but maybe, it does not apply to all mothers. Whatever it is, boy or girl, itu semua kuasa Allah S.W.T dan Dia dah tentukan semuanya.

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