Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Check up at KK

Let me tell you about my 1st time check up at KK, not a good 1st time experience though, 1st impression memang ibu jari kebawah. But I still have to go through it. After this, have 2nd check up, 3rd check up at the same KK, until delivery. Breath in breath out sangat time nak cerita ni.

I don’t want to do the check up at KK, for me, I prefer to do at the Hospital I used to do for my 1st pregnancy. But, the Hospital staffs keep on recommend me to do at KK. Dah bagi macam-macam alasan; husband kerja sini, tak drive…apa lagi….they still give the same answer “tapi puan takde masalah better buat kat KK”. Nampak tak cara diorang nak reject, tapi macam paling manners sekali. If I still say NO, I think, mahu makan penampar mereka dulu, then baru mereka benarkan buat check up kat Hospital kot.

Nak taknak, terpaksa rela, I have to agreed. Some more, they not even set the next appointment date. Just a date to come again, to get the blood and air gula test result. I memang prefer this hospital, I don’t mind waiting for 2 @ 3 hours to see doctor and have to go through many processes & procedures, sebab kat Hospital tu sangat selesa. Especially, the toilet, dekat klinik tu, memang well maintained. I kind of, pergi mana-mana check the toilet 1st. Toilet melambangkan orang.

Ok..ok…back to the KK, I call the KK to check for the Doctor availability.

“Doctor untuk Klinik Ibu Mengandung hari rabu, datang pagi tau puan, datang pagi”

Kejap-kejap karang asyik remind “datang pagi puan, datang pagi”.

Eiiii…tahulah…bingit telinga.

So, the day came. Hati berdebor ni, Tuhan je tahu. From the gate, I saw many pregnant ladies standing (dan bersandar) near the entrance door. Hati dah mula kacau. Takkan ramai kot, baru pukul 9, hatiku berdetik. Drama. Tak kot, maybe tengah tunggu giliran register je kot.

Sampai je entrance door, jantung bagai nak luruh. There are so many people inside (mostly are pregnant ladies of course), there are no empty chair at all.

After leaving my IC in the specified box, the Nurse asked me to have a seat first. Thought of to sit macam cerita P.Ramlee – Seniman Bujang Lapuk, duduk sambil hirup kopi lagi. Tapi, suddenly tinggggg….ada nombor orang kena panggil and a lady get up from her chair. I quickly walked to that empty chair. I cannot bear standing more than 5 minutes.

Dah duduk je rasa nak ketawa, kelakar la…umur dah 31 and zaman pun zaman millennium, masih jakun nak berebut kerusi bagai. But, I really cannot bear standing too long. I remembered if I were at Hospital now, I don’t have to think about there are empty chair or not. Confirm ada. The waiting area is fully equipped with comfortable benches, many counters open, although they have many patients that day, still enough for all the patients. Bukan mak-mak je dapat duduk, the husbands, the kids pun dapat duduk sama.

About 10 minutes later, the Nurse called up my name. She handed to me a small paper cup & nombor giliran. The gap between the current number and my number is about 40. Ni kalau kat Hospital, tak sampai sejam ni.

I walked towards the toilet, and when I reached there, mataku terbuntang kekejutan! I was shocked (again), speechless and my mind somehow off into another dimension and fikir macam mana nak kenc dengan keadaan toilet macam ni? Not well maintained, smelly, the floor is wet…I stood in front of the toilet for about a minute and awake from my delusion when I heard Adelea keep on say “eeeeeiiiii torrrr….eiiii…..liiiiiiii” in a very loud voice. Adelea pulak jenis cakap volume maha tinggi, and I pulak dalam dimensi lain, tak sempat aih nak cover. Tengok belakang, ada 2 3 orang tengah tunggu turn, tunggu bila I nak masuk.

I walked into a toilet that have “tandas kakitangan” at the door, but I saw the pipe is leaking, the water keep coming out like a small fountain, so I stepped back to the next toilet. There are water on the floor, must be because the watering hole is clogged. I just quickly do my business, and put the cup that have my urine over the counter. I asked the nurse, what I should do next. The nurse say “have a seat first until the other nurse call your name”.

Done with bad toilet experience. In front of the toilets, there are benches also, I don’t understand how they can tahan to sit there. Mungkin dah immune. Atau mungkin jenis orang yang bersyukur.

Luckily, my seat was still empty, I looked at the wall clock, and it’s 9.30 am.

Kalau Hospital punya toilet, I don’t have issues at all. It’s clean and well maintained, the vacuum is switched on all the time, no waters on the floor. Complete with tissue and soap.

10 am, my name still not being called up.
10.30 am, still no.

Adelea already started feeling uncomfortable. Takde kedai pulak, if not I can buy chocolate or drinks so she can behave a bit. I looked at the Television hanging on the wall. Sedih. The screen not clear at all and it’s not being placed opposite the patients’ seat. If patients want to watch they have to turn their head to the back. Tak sampai 5 minit, kepala lenguh. The TV is facing the nurses’ counter. So, the TV is for whom actually?

If at Hospital, the Television screen is big size, and clear, and facing the patients’ seat.

The playground for kids is outside the waiting area, with the hot weather, and I definitely cannot stand too long. Adelea keep pushing me to let her playing at the playground, and I keep on say NO. She cried out loud, and I didn’t console her at all. Let everyone look at me and realize how long I’ve been waiting.

When she tired of crying, she told me she wants to sleep. So, I let her lay down beside me, at this time the patients are lessening. I said to Adelea “baring & watch TV yang tak clear tu. dengar suara je”. I said it quiet loud, not for Adelea but for the Nurses. When Adelea keep on whining, I said again “tidur jelah, mommy penat, datang dari pukul 9 dah nak pukul 11 takde apa2 lagi”. Sengaja.

Past 11am, from my seat I saw a young lady with her husband, approaching the entrance door. I don’t see her baby bump, must be she have the same case with me, to register the Red Book for the 1st time.

I got up from my chair, and asked the Nurse, when is my turn? I’ve been waiting for hours. The Nurse says, kena tunggu turn. Kalau ikutkan hormones mengandung ni mahu je aku hentak penumbuk ke meja. Some patients who come after me already went home. giliran apa that they talking about??

About 11.30 am, a nurse called up my name, together with few other names, including the lady that I saw just now. Later I found out, the few other names have the same case with me, to register red Book for the 1st time. So, apa kejadahnya aku datang pukul 9 pagi, kalau diorang accumulate 1 case to be in 1 group. kalau tahu macam ni, baik aku datang pukul 11.30 pagi tadi.

After the 1st nurse call my name, then only other nurse call my name for the next next and next step. Fill in particulars at the Red Book, take blood sample (which I refuse to do, because I said I already give my blood sample at hospital), checking the baby’s heart and last check up with the doctor.

All that ends at 12 noon!

I feel not happy already, with the KK condition and the service.

I’m not comparing between a Private and Public. That will have very huge gap.

Yes, I can go to Private Clinic, if time is my concern. But, it’s not about time only. It’s about the condition, the service, the comfort-ness, especially to pregnant ladies. It’s not that we stuck up, or what…tapi….faham-faham sendirilah.

I’m not sure how other KK condition. Because, this is my 1st time check up at KK.

Kalau ikutkan amarah hati ni, you can see flames coming out from my head. Puas pujuk hati..sabar sabar sabar…ada orang lain yang lagi teruk darini.

Yes, it is... there are many pregnant ladies (or girls) who never do check up at all. Those that have case such as get pregnant without marriage, being raped, or they just poor or whatever reason they might have. I still thankful on what I have. I still can go to do check up for my baby.

Hopefully, this kind of thing will be taking care of seriously by the responsible authority in the future, nampak je kecil, but its big issue tau. macam paip yang leaking tu, plastic that cover the pipe tu pun dah hampir reput, nampak sangat lama dah leaking.

Bukan mengada-ngada or tak pernah hidup susah, tapi…jangan gunakan alasan “belajar untuk hidup susah” untuk elakkan dari bertanggungjawab hal-hal macam ni.

1 more thing, as the user, jangan ambil mudah. gunakan kemudahan awam elok-elok.


  1. other KK pon sama jugak kak..especially toilet, mmg teruk yg amat..dah experience masa 1st pregnancy dulu. smpai masuk 7 bulan baru KK bagi surat suh continue check up kat hospital, baru rasa lega sket..

    1. bukan apa...macam rasa tak patut, toilet tu dibiarkan kotor macam tu, dengan air bertakung...paling tak boleh terima, yang diorang kumpulkan sekali 1 case together. dah tu, yang suruh kita datang pagi2 buat apa kalau at the end pukul 11 lebih nanti baru nak start everything...itu yg paling sakit hati...

  2. KK botanic ke? kalo situ pd akak dh syukur sgt dah kira much better than kk kelana jaya yg lebih crowded. tp time check up iskandar akak kena pi klinik desa jln kebun. klinik dlm kawasan kampong. laaagi hazab. just yg bestnya org tak ramai n xyah tunggu lama

    1. nama kk dirahsiakan...hehehe...kita kecik2 dulu pun hidup susah kak, klinik kat tempat kita dulu lagi hazab rasanya...tapi...macam...sampai bila tempat2 awam especially klinik rupa toilet dia macam tu. memangla bersyukur apa yang kita ada, ada orang lagi susah, tapi tak bolehla kan, sebab semua orang bersyukur, jadi take for granted. kalau gitu tak payah buat toilet, korek lubang kat tanah je..kena syukur jugak...hahaha....apa2 pun...harap2 one day benda2 macam ni berubah ke keadaan lebih baik....

  3. check up kat KK mmg amik at least 3 hours kalau kat tempat aku. kdg2 pernah sampai lebih 4 jam. masa pregnant imran aku check kat KK plus klinik swasta. Bila 2nd pregnancy aku check kat swasta je. Langsung x bukak buku pink. haha... masa dekat nak bersalin risau gak x de buku pink. tp ok je hospital terima je rekod dr swasta. suzi

    1. kalau memang nombor aku berjalan, aku tak kisah...nampak memang dikumpul sampai ke tgh hari... kalau betul 3 jam, habis yang datang pukul 11 tu, apsal nombor aku disekalikan dalam 1 group? baik jgn suruh aku datang pagi2....serious aku tak faham....