Monday, 9 June 2014

Craving for Kuih Apam

In many delicious Kuih we had, Kuih Apam is the one that I suddenly craving right now. It’s a weird feeling; I thought this might be the “mengidam” people always talk about, which always happened to pregnant woman. Truth is, I’m not really sure how “mengidam” is. During my 1st pregnancy, I do have 1 @ 2 kind of food I craved, but I just shook them off. If dapat makan, ok, tak dapat makan pun ok. So, I think that not “mengidam” lah kan, that more to teringin je, I think.

But, when the image of Kuih Apam keep coming back to my mind, tak boleh jadi ni…I must find one. But, when I went out for breakfast or lunch and I see the restaurant/stall sell that Kuih, I don’t feel like buying. Maybe because it already cold, so I just put back the container lid.

Until 1 day, I decided --à nak buat sendirilah. It can’t be that difficult. Kuih Apam je…..

So, the search for the easiest recipe begins followed by the search for the cooking tools and supplies in store. Most important is the food steamer. But, my friend suggested that, it still can be cooked using rice cooker that have steamer pot and steam function, since I have that, so I didn’t buy the stove steamer. And I can feel that, the outcome will not be the same as my mother’s.

This is the first pan.

As expected, tak jadi, and I know the 2nd and next will also tak jadi.

While I’m busy at the kitchen, Asan came and asked “what are you doing?” with 1000 question mark hovering over his head.

“My homemade Kuih Apam”

He just went away, as usual never asked “can I taste it?” He just know, mesti tak jadi punya ni. That’s my husband, never complaint my cook, never praise it also.

Semua lah tak naik. The taste ada, tapi it’s not fluffy enough.

I just smile when I throw them away in the dustbin. Nobody wants to them, even Adelea say “ak dap” (tak sedap). But, I feel satisfied, just that tomorrow I still need to buy that cold Kuih Apam from the stall.

Last week, I went back to my hometown. The night before, I call my mother “Mak, nanti mak ada masa mak buatkan Kuih Apam yang mak biasa buat tu”.

And the most that I want ……………

…………………..the crust. The tastiest part.

We always used to fight over the crust. Paling sedap antara yang sedap.

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