Friday, 6 June 2014

The farthest I ever drive a car

Note: as at 26th May 2014.

I have big task this weekend – to pick up my family at KLIA. *heart flutters, cold sweat, jaws dropped*

When my sister asked, whether I can help to pick them up, I feel a bit scared, but at the same time, I feel important. Among my siblings, I’m the only one who cannot drive, so they never ask my help in terms of “can you help to send me to here and there?”. Never.

When they discussed about things like this in our group WA, I’m the only one, who only menyibuk merumitkan keadaan, because definitely I cannot offer something like this “I’m free that day, I can help to send you there”. Even I’m free, I cannot help. ha ha ha ha.

I never drive a car that far. To date, I only mark the road from my house –> office –> my house. If we out to town or anywhere by my car, I’ll still asked Asan to drive. After I found out that driving is too-much-adventure-I-cannot-handle, contrary to my attitude – love to stay safe, I prefer to hold title passenger. Forever.

I don’t enjoy driving, especially when my feet itch, I cannot even scratch! MY GOD!

I feel not right if I say “no”. Well, bila lagi nak berbakti?

I am 31 already, at this age, if you said you afraid or phobia to drive, people will give you sympathy look, but in reality….ohoiiiiii nyampah! So wake up ROS! Be independent!

Plan made with my sister.
“Survey the road”, my sister suggested. Ok, done.

The day came….

I follow my sister *she drove my brother’s car* closely until KLIA. Long story short….I reached KLIA dengan jayanya….on the way back home, I let my sister drive my car, and my brother drive his own car.

“better orang yang tahu bawa kereta drive, laju sikit….cepat sampai”……smile. Sentiasa ada alasan lapuk.

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