Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The hand shake that I missed

After married, Asan is the one who send & fetch me from office. Never fail for even a day, even when he was sick. Because…I don’t drive. hehehehe.

Before he left me at my office, we’ll shake hands and I’ll kiss his hand. The husband’s blessing, they say. The hand shake will come together with “eh sejuk tangan awak” or “bye bye safe drive, take care” or “ok, nanti jumpa after work”. Macam loving couple sangat, and we really pray for each other to be safe

But, all that is “stop” after I start drive to work. No more.

Yang ada cuma my WA text to him saying “sampai”, “dah sampai”, “sampai dah” or paling pendek “smpi”.

And his reply “ok”, “ok”, “k” and the shortest word is the emoticon of “ok” gesture.

And sometimes I do feel, husband & wife not going to work together may lead to divorce. Astaghfirullah…janganlah…tapi, tulah…kadang-kadang syaitan ni bergayut kat otak tahap ikat mati punya tak mahu lepas. Keep on cucuk me to think of something yang entah apa-apa.

So, today, my car needs to be sent to service centre, and as usual, Asan will arrange for that. So, today, he’ll send & fetch me from work. So, that morning, along the way to office, I keep on thinking “wow….I can have that moment that I’ve missed so much”.

So, when we reached my office, the habit that we leave for almost 2 months repeat. We shake hands, I kiss his hand, we change goodbye, and smile and say nice pray to each other. You know….things that make me happy and boost up my mood for the whole day.

Blessing sangat rasa hari ni.

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