Friday, 20 June 2014

The maternity clothes issue

I don’t spend a lot *for me* on this second pregnancy. Well, I don’t spend a lot too *for me* on my first.

What kept me away from buying?

First.....I always thought this would be my last time of pregnancy since I pregnant with Adelea, so why waste on clothes?

Second…..I don’t have weight issue on my 1st pregnancy.
If I can recall correctly, I don’t have zipped up problem, not because my baby bump is small, but because almost my pants is lowered waist type, so growing tummy isn’t really a problem to me. I still can zip them up under my belly. Save few hundreds. Phewwwww….

When I started to feel tight at the zipped area, followed by frequent chest pains & stomach cramps, so I know it’s the time I need proper maternity pants and that not included with zip. If I’m not mistaken, I was 5 @ 6 months pregnant.

My pants shrinked….I told my wallet and myself. hehehe.

So, I thought, it’ll be the same for this 2nd pregnancy.

But, sadly, it happened earlier than I expected. As early as 3 months pregnant, I already feel tight at the zipped area. I wear baju kurung with the kain above my belly. If not, I’ll always get chest pains. On my 1st pregnancy, I still wear Kurung Modern until my 2nd trimester. How happy I was, when people saw my baby bump but I still can fit into a fit clothes.

So….as early as 3 months pregnant, I have taken out back my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy. When I was 3 @ 4 months pregnant, my dress up already look like I am a 5 @ 6 months pregnant.

But, that’s okay….as long I got pregnant again (I mean for this 2nd one). *google “ways to reduce fat after pregnant” immediately*

Not only my tummy growing healthily, my fingers are also in the running of “Next Top Growing Healthily Body Part - Season 2”.

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