Saturday, 14 June 2014

The sweet site of Adelea

I love Adelea….I mean…she’s my daughter…my love towards her has no boundaries. I just love her, whatever she did, whoever she is. And as her mother, I’ll always pray for nothing but  the best for her, just like other mothers will do.

She’s turning three this year, just begun to talk and form sentences. Still pelat, but we started to understand what she wants to say. Sometimes, we asked, and she’ll reply, meaning she understands what we are saying also. Not all the times, but sometimes. That’s just enough to make us happy.

At this age, she considered as know nothing about this world. However, there are moments, her action surprised me, a lot.

For example, I told her, I have adik inside my tummy. Kiss my tummy to show that you love your adik. And she did. Sometimes, I don’t ask her to kiss, she’ll just come, hug my tummy and kiss it. I asked her “sayang adik ke?” she reply “yang dikkkk”. And kiss my tummy again and again. But, there are times also, when I asked her to kiss her adik, she’ll refuse “anaaaaakkkk”. (taknak)

We never taught her to love Mommy more or love Ayah more. Never ask “who do you love more? Mommy or Ayah?” But if question such as “love Mommy?” or “love Ayah?”, we taught her to reply with “yes”. Hahahaha. However, she tends to show that she loves her Ayah more than me. Sobs sobs. Why???

Maybe because, I’m more garang than Asan, and kids love those who spoil them right? For example if we take away Mcdonalds, and we eat the fries in the car, she’ll give the fries to Asan, ONLY. Me? If I asked her to give to me, she’ll refuse, sometimes, I cannot even eat the fries. What I can only do is to hold the Fries paper cup. Sobs sobs. And keep quiet, cannot cry. Sobs sobs.

There’s 1 time, out of sudden she came towards me, hugged me and say “amiii, ayang ami”. Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku, rasa nak nangis. I’ll remember that moment forever. Not sure if she just watch a similar scene from the TV. I told you, Adelea, she watched TV especially Malay drama, she’ll give full concentration as she’s understand the scene. If it’s crying scene, sometimes we hear she snots. But no tears and no snot of course. Just the sounds. If it’s a happy/laugh scene, she’ll smiles. If she watched cartoon, out of sudden she’ll laugh, as the cartoon is so funny.

Recently, she did something that put me on Cloud 9.

I’m sitting on Sejadah, waiting for Maghrib Prayer. Suddenly she came and hugged me from behind, and asked “Ami, nak akan dap? Iya asyak”. (Mommy nak makan sedap? Delea masak).

I was stunned for few seconds, and then I say “nak”.

She replied “akan dap?” and nods her head, as she confirming again with me whether I really want makan sedap or not, because she’ll cook. She let go off her 2 hands and walked towards her cooking stove and start cooking. Shengggg shengggg (the sounds of she’s cooking).

Immediately, I thought of my own parents, my mother particularly. Thought of how lazy I am to cook for her. Thought of how I always give reason “my parents never emphasized us to learn to cook”.

It’s true, my parents not emphasized us to cook, but that’s for 1 reason; we could have more time to do revision.
My parents don’t want us to fail our exam because “we have no time to do revision because we had to do the housechores”. My parents didn’t want that happened to us.

On the other notes, I’m not ready yet to cook for my parents, my father particularly. Seganlah…nak jamu parents rasa makanan entah apa-apa. But, I’ll improve my skills. I love my parents. I love Adelea too. She’s not even 3 years old, not even able to speak well to give me advise or what, but, she has taught me many things, without I even realizing it.

Thank you Allah, for a wonderful daughter that you’d send to me.