Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bye-bye swift

There it goes.

I have sold my Swift. My beloved car. My first ever commitment. My first time ever I’ve been engaged in such things of signing documents which if I failed to pay back, my name will be blacklisted. My first LIABILITY!!

My swift is not just a car, it’s very special, particularly to me. It knows us well. It has most of our secrets. It is our Secret Keeper.

My swift has witnessed almost every scene of our life, the ups and downs, the loves and hates, the good and harsh words, the happiness and sadness…..ahhhh too many to list down….

As we always will feel sad if we were to be separated with our loved ones, I have the exact same feeling when I watched the used car dealer drive away my swift. At least, separation such as we send our kids to boarding school, or we say goodbye to our parents at hometown when we are going back to town, or we say bon voyage to our siblings when they travel abroad, or we say farewell to our friends after many years study together, with the latest technology now, we still can meet each other at least in the virtual form. We have Facebook, Instagram, Dayre, Blog, any other social media that we still can update each other, all the time. We still can keep in touch with each other, eventhough we are separated thousand miles away.

But, I can’t text my swift and ask “how are you at your new place?” “Anyone bought you yet? “ “How is your new owner?” “Is he cute?” “Ok, take care”….you know….

I really want to know what my swift is doing right now. Is it well-kept? Did the new owner litter in the car or throw away rubbish outside while driving? Did the new owner always wash my swift? Did the new owner send my swift for maintenance checking on schedule? Did the new owner love my swift as much as I love my swift?

We not even say goodbye….ok, I say goodbye, Adelea even crying….

My poor swift, we have been using its service to the max. Just imagine, we went to Penang about 2 times, then go back to Johor Bharu countless time, the meter has reached 120KM in about 3 years. Average 40KM a year. My swift has been travel very far. My swift really is worthy to us, functioned well to ensure we are safe while we’re on the road until we reached our destination. My swift never make trouble, in term of engine, performance….memang tip top.

Less than 1 year, 1 day, my fault, I left my laptop in the car (after Asan say, takde apelah, ramai orang sini). My car has been robbed, they broke the glass mirror and took away my laptop and left my swift all alone like this.
 As it already late night,  we just covered the broken mirror with big size plastic bag, in case it raining that night, and the next day, I went to work with my 2 hands hold tightly the plastic bag as it almost fly off.

There are so many….so so so many other memories….

Entah apalah My Swift tengah buat sekarang….?

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