Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Calling for the sewing spirit

Today is 10th Ramadhan already, haaaa…how time flies so fast, and we have remaining 20 days of fasting.
Erghhhh…wait….20 days? *check calendar…* that will be about 2 times of weekend left for me to finish sewing Adelea and my Raya outfit!!! Is it enough time to sew 4 pairs of outfit in 4 days? 1 day for 1 outfit…seems Mission Impossible.

*Cries a river*

I have bought the fabric like 2 @ 3 months ago, and I didn’t start anything yet. Hahhhhhhh!!! What should I do? Asan will scold me if I told him, I want to cancel sewing and just by ready-made outfit from the store.

*susah payah saya duduk-tepi-kedai-minum-cendol-jaga-adelea teman awak pilih kain, then tak jadi. Haritu beriya. Dah tau tak larat nak menjahit jugak…..(ok continue sendiri)*

I can imagine what Asan’s response will be if I told him that.

So, plan for tonight:
1 – After break fast, quickly clean up the kitchen, clean up myself and perform Maghrib prayer.
2 – Iron the office outfit for tomorrow.
3 – Cook for sahur tomorrow morning. Simple meal, of course.
4 – By 10 pm, already at my Sewing Lab, ready for measurement and draw the pattern.

What really happen that night?
By 10 pm I was on the couch….resting while playing Farmville 2 on my phone.

It’s a bit more tiring during this fasting month. While doing all the house chores above, I don’t feel that tired. I mean, I’ve been doing almost the same thing for the past 3 4 years ago, it’s my routine…my makanan ruji I can say. But now, once I done all that, and decided to take 15 minutes breaks before start for sewing, whoaaaah……the hardest part to do – get up from the couch.

Calling for tailor-who-can-sew-our-raya-outfit-even-it-is-last-minute sewing spirit.

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