Sunday, 6 July 2014

Durian feast

I is Hantu Durian. As long as it’s sweet, enak, lemak berkrim, I don’t really care what grade the Durian is. But, I think, the best still goes to…Musang King!

Image from google.
I don’t really know, is this a picture of Musang King type, but…who cares??? Jom terliur….

I still remember, before I get married, during Durian season, 2 days a week, I’ll buy Durian at the night market nearby my housing area. Cheap 1…3 biji for RM10, or the bigger size/nicer taste sold at 2 for RM10. Puas sangat. dahlah banyak, makan sorang, don’t have to share….heaven!

But since married, it’s a bit difficult, Asan not really Hantu Durian like I am. And he not really agreed the way I eat Durian like 3 biji habis on the spot. And he’ll get sick even after 4 @ 5 pieces, but me Alhamdulillah…4 5 biji sekali harung, insya-Allah maintain sihat. So, since married to him, nafsu Durian is a bit…ermmmm…I can say…controllable. I was out from the heaven.

 I feel you….

Few weeks before Ramadhan, the Durian festival I think just started. I can see along the kampung road, many Durian seller open booth. But, I know Asan will not allow me to eat so much, especially now I’m almost 7 months pregnant, and I failed the diabetes test recently…herhhhh…I just keep myself quiet. But I told him “I want to eat durian…sikit pun jadilah” but I didn’t force him with hentak kaki style.

One day, he told me “minggu depan kita balik kampung saya, ada Durian”. Wahhhh rezeki.... (teringat 1 blogpost about a man who sells his property and hidup secara zuhud, teringat part udang yang dia teringin sangat tu. and yeahhhh….rezeki doesn’t have to be in currency form).

So, this kira rezeki for me. I want to have Durian badly, and Allah lapangkan masa kami untuk balik kampung, makan durian. But, I don’t eat so much. Rumah mentua kan, berlakon sopan terlebih adalah wajib. If my own hometown….go away everything….come to meeeeee Durian….as many as you are….hehehe.

I think I just eat about less than 10 pieces. But after that, I got senak perut for 2 days. Thank God, it’s not serious, if something bad happened, I can see vision that, before Asan sent me to Hospital, he’ll lecture me 1st about the disadvantage of eating Durian during 7 months of pregnancy. Sure dia bagi aku insaf taubat sampai bermusuhla dengan Durian ni, baru dia hantar pergi Hospital. Agaknya.

Masa kat kampung tu, I thought of something. I thought about we are so lucky we have kampung, and the grandparents have fruits orchard and we can eat as much as we want for free. I still remember at my own grandparent’s house, there are many Rambutan trees around the house. So, when the season come (normally during school break), we all akan balik kampung. Dari kejauhan dah nampak merah-merah pokok Rambutan. Nak makan rambutan, atuk & wan cakap “pergi kait sendiri”. We all makan tanpa halangan.

My housing area is not like that. So, one day kalau my grandchild cakap “Nanny (cehhhh,,,tak mainlah panggil Wan..hehehe), nak makan durian/rambutan/duku/langsat/manggis….”.

I can only answer “ok, I’ll buy from the market for you”.

*thought of to buy tanah kebun nearby my housing area, but takut ada 1 problem. tak tahan lama, then tanah will be bought for development. Haishhhhh”


  1. teringat zaman asrama kuar pekan g beli durian.. sebiji 50 kot x silap..hehe suh apek kopekkan sket then bawa balik asrama makan ramai2.. tapi sama la kite kak skrg nafsu durian dah kurang sket sebab krul pun x gemar sgt durian.. tp kalau balik kg automatik nafsu durian terus meningkat..

    1. haha...samalah case "durian" kita ni....