Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Our current tenant has moved out last month….…yeayyyyyyyyy.

*that face & clap hands*

Ok, I tell you this, not to humiliate people or to find for cheap publicity. But more towards a good lesson, that maybe useful in your life. So don’t ask who or comment this person bad or whatever. Just read.

In the lasts month of renting, this tenant always has “late payment issue”. As the Landlord “late payment” is a BIG issue to us.

Payment date is on every 25th every month, and we give some days allowance; they can pay latest by 1st of the following month. But, this tenant always delays until 10th of the following month, and that was after many text reminders were sent to them. They give many reasons, which we certainly not interested on that.

I agreed, everybody has problem, especially financial problem. We had too (we used to pay for 3 houses last time) in fact, we still have now. But, whatever happens, we always make sure we have enough money every month to pay for all the monthly commitments and bills.

For those properties we bought, we always pay before the due date to avoid being blacklisted/bad records by the bank. This is something that Asan really want to avoid. Since many years I know him until presents, he always jaga this kind of thing “once we have bad records, it’s not easy to restore the clean record. We might have problem to buy new property later…” he claimed, and he’s absolutely right.

For the house that we rent, because we realize, we live on someone else’s house, so, if we pay late, the landlord will have problem to pay the bank also.

I’m not saying, we good enough (but I’m really thankful I have a husband that have that kind of thinking), but…why give trouble to people?

Another issue is on the deposit.

We have their 2 months deposit – they supposed to give us 2 months notice prior contract termination – they haven’t pay for May rental – they inform us to move out on 1st week of Jun – they going to move out by end of Jun.

The problem here is:-
--- They haven’t pay for May rental,
--- They give less than 2 months notice.

We told them this,
Seriously, we all don’t want their money. We have no problem to refund the deposit, and waive the 2 months notice, WE DON’T WANT THEIR MONEY. Although as per contract, we have the right. We still have humanity, and I don’t want because of few thousands RM, we have to answer in front of our God later. We already have long list to be answered to Him, we don’t want to add more, especially when it involved other human.

We asked them to pay for May rental, they promised to pay, however when it already come to 2nd week of Jun, no sign of payment yet. Eventually, we realize, they are not going to pay at all. If we still cannot get replacement for July, they will not loss anything because they already lived in our house without payment for 2 months. The one that will loss is us, because there’s no more deposit left for us to hold. By hook or by crook, we MUST find a tenant as soon as possible.

And to find a tenant in such limited time is not easy. I say this because, 2 years ago, it’s not easy to find tenants for our house, until we have to use Property Agent Service.

But Thank you Allah, the situation is not the same as 2 years ago. A bit easy to find, I’ll tell you in next entry.

For now, together we take the positivity of it (if only the positivity is successfully delivered here..hehehe…I’m still way too far from perfect but I’m trying). Some more, we are now in the month of Ramadhan, month full of barakah and lets added more on our “doing good list”. Hopefully, we can pass the Ramadhan with many ibadah and improved ourselves.

Selamat Berpuasa.


  1. agree.. bersyukur gak dapat suami yg tekankan bayar hutang on time.. kite pun kalau x bayar hutang memang rasa x senang je duduk.. kang kalau tangguh2 nanti makin banyak plak... hehe tp kalau bil api n maintenance culas gak.. tunggu angka nk dekat seratus baru terkulat2 nak bayar.. :)

    1. sikit2 takpe kot...yang penting yang melibatka bank..better jgn ada sekali pun record tak elok....