Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pegang or bagi doctor?

I have something to tell. Sigh...

Today, I have routine pregnancy check up at KK. The same KK I mentioned earlier. This is my 3rd visit. I do tell about my 1st visit – horrible experience, but I didn’t tell about the 2nd visit – another horrible experience, which don’t deserve an entry. Full stop.

This 3rd visit is – the most horrible experience ever, so it deserves an entry.

So, as per appointment card, I should come at 9am. But I decided, I will come at 11am, because from my last 2 experiences, there will still many patients at 9am. So, I reached KK around 11.05am. Less than 5 minutes, the nurse call up my name for Urine & HB test, the result is ok. Immediately, the nurse asks me to pass over the red book to the nurse at room #2. The room#2 nurse asks me to just put the red book on the table, and will call me later. So, I wait outside, less than 10 minutes, she calls my name. She asks me to lie down on the bed, so I did. But, she not do the check up immediately, she let me lie down for about 5 minutes then only she come with the check up tools. 1st annoying moment for the day.

After checking the baby heart beat – Alhamdulillah, ok. Then we have some light consultation for about 10 minutes, then she asks me to wait outside for the doctor to call up my name. I asked her “should I keep this book or should I pass it to the doctor’s room?”

She said “you hold the book and wait outside. The doctor will call your name”.

I repeat ok....“you hold the book and wait outside. The doctor will call your name”.

I’m fully awake and really confirm she asks me to hold the book.

So I wait outside, with the book. I flip few pages checking back my weight. Still not yet reach 60 kg. Good! Hehehehe. I look at the wall clock, it’s 11.45am, and I saw the current number is 1020. My number is 1045. that time, I feel a bit menyesal for coming late. This time, it will be my fault. Sigh...but the next number being call after 1020 is not 1021, but 1026. And I saw the patient’s waiting is less than 10. So, the number is not in sequence anymore. Ok, less than 10 people, ok maybe, after 1 hour my name will be called up.

Reaching 12.30, after 45 minutes waiting, I saw only 2 patients were called up. Ok, this is sad. At 1 pm, another 2 @ 3 patients were called up. Seriously this long? What are they discussed about? Which Bazar Ramadhan to go this evening?

This is pathetic gila.

Suddenly, I realized something. All the patients who wait not holding the red book. I’m the only one who holds the book. The next patient being called up, she enter the doctor’s room and the red book is not with her. THE RED BOOK IS WITH THE DOCTOR!!!

So, I get up from my seat, go to the front counter and ask (different nurse).

“Nurse, this red book, should be handed to Doctor or I hold it?”

“give to doctor”

“But, the Nurse at room# 2 said, I hold it. So, I hold it. No wonder the doctor didn’t call my name”

The nurse keep quiet.

“I’m late for work, I cannot wait anymore”

“okay, you can come again on 7th Aug to see doctor. Which session do you want? Morning or evening session”

“Put me at morning session” and I want to add “keep your bloody smile. Yang aku duduk terkedang kat kerusi tu sejam lebih kau ingat untuk apa? Suka-suka? But that were on my mind only. The front counter nurse is not the romm#2 nurse.
If the Nurse room# 2 is there, I feel like I want to throw the book right on her face and ask her to just quit from being a Nurse and just jadi peminta sedekah. Jadi Nurse kerja mulia bantu orang, tapi menyusahkan orang!

On the way from the counter back to my seat, I mumble this “apa punya sistemla KK ni. Membuang masa orang. Bodoh betul”

Slow voice but clear, I guess. Eh, I dah tak boleh sabar dengan mereka ni.

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