Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Remember of 5 before 5

Recently, there are too many groundbreaking news being exposed by the media. It still hard for me to believe what I read is true story. I mean “such people exist?” Nauzubillah. Such story shocked us all. Something that we never thought would happen. I feel sad when I read the news, but sadder when I read the comments.

Comments bashing the perpetrators are so much and some are over the limits. Yes, it is indeed true story. Being confirmed by this and that authority. But who we are to bash and give such derogatory comments. Someone who does bad things, yes he/she is wrong, but we never know what is really happened. Even the perpetrators lie to defend him/herself, we have no rights to judge and talk bad about the perpetrators. Simply because, we never know when we will be tested the same or worse by God.

Such story supposed to be the eye-opener that nothing is impossible in this world if that what Allah S.W.T has arrange for us. Take this story to think deeper, take it as a good lesson and always try to strengthen our iman, and pray that we will not make wrong decision when we are tested.

Such story should make us better than who we are now, rather than to show we have more thoughtful opinions (as per you) of all people.

We never know when our time is.

I don’t say I good enough, guys. But, bashing the perpetrators by just read from the media and share it, is who I was, and I’m so regret about that. IF the story is not so true, where should I find the perpetrators to ask for apology? I’m not even remembered what I have said or shared.

 Take advantage of 5 before 5.
I’m not expert on the details, but literally, I know, by just looking at the picture above, all of us can translate that.

Sometimes, we forgot where we are, where we was and we definitely never know where we will be in the future. We not even know what’s going to happen to us 1 second ahead.

As the proverb says “life is like a wheel, sometimes we are at the top, sometimes we are at the bottom’.

So, be careful with what you said and done, all are counted at Padang Mashar later, no exception at all.

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