Saturday, 5 July 2014

So, that’s life

We advertised about our house for rent at, we chose “free ad”, which will take at least 24 hours for checking/verification/everything process before it can be advertised in their website. Tak boleh hentam kromo je, even it’s free. I just print screen a picture of the apartment without watermark from google, and save as mine, but the picture was rejected by them. Violate katanya. Rasa macam penjenayah tersohor dah. Their Rules & Regulation is quite strict, but it’s good that way right.

We managed to fix the problem few days later, and few hours after that, I received 1st WA enquire for the house. While replying, the 1st WA, come in 2nd WA, 3rd, 4th …not only that, phone calls coming in 1 after another. We were shocked…wow…seriously, begini sekali sambutannya.

Beza memang berbeza (tumpang glamour tagline Senheng) compared to about 2 years ago, when we 1st started to find tenant, it’s so difficult to find 1. We received the house key of the apartment around the time we received the house key for our single storey house. So, 2 houses sekali go for renovation. Kering jugaklah saving and credit card limit cecah hidung jugak. Overbudget. Such a good lessons to us though, if budget RM30K (contoh) for renovation, make sure still have back up of RM30K also, sebab amount sure bertambah.

So, that time, we cannot afford to pay 2 houses at 1 time anymore. By hook or by crook, we must get tenant as soon as possible. Hampir-hampir Asan nak jual apartment tu, tapi, tahan hati…asset tu. Then, we decided we have to use Property Agent Service, yang fee nya adalah equivalent to 1 month rental. Janji we have tenant for the next 1 year.

We are so thankful with the good response. Eventhough after 2 days of non-stop WA & phone calls, and make me adoi-pening-kepala-layan-diorang-semua-ni, but, they all are my potential tenant.

I want to close the deal as soon as possible, so anyone call or WA me I can reply to them “sorry, the house is no more available” instead of have to answer to the same question again and again. But, I can’t, because, I’m not able to take them for house viewing. The existing tenant still there, their belongings still in there, and they are not at home during the daytime. Although, I can asked the main door keys, and open for viewing during lunch time, but I think it’s not right to let strangers to enter the house with someone else’s belonging in there. I can only open for viewing during weekend.

So, I have to tahan pening until this weekend.

You see, this 1 week I met many kinds of people (I mean through WA & phone calls, of course). Bermacam-macam jenis dan jenis. Hehehehe.

But, among them, there is 1 who has opened my eyes big-big (this is the word I get from my x-colleague, when I made mistake, she always say “ your eyes big-big before you ask question”) about the importance of owning a home BEFORE GETTING MARRIED.


1 of the caller is a single mother, she have 2 kids, and from the way she talks over the phone telling me where she worked at, I think she’s not that susah…but…she’s single mother…with small kids. I suddenly feel thankful, really really thankful that Asan bought a house before we married.

Before we tied the knot, Asan told me that, he wants to make sure he owns a house, not at the stage of buying or sign agreement part…he wants to make sure, after we get married, we’ll live in our own house. And I was really mad at him, when I talked about getting married earlier, he refused dengan alasan rumah belum siap.  I was totally disagreed with him, for me all those assets we can share to buy after we get married. Kan ke sweet macam tu? Sama-sama senang, sama-sama susah. And that part I was totally wrong. I never thought marriage life is this tough.

So lucky, Asan tak ikut cakap I. instead, he try hard to ensure the apartment’s ready after we get married.

However, we still get married, before the house was ready (beserta sedikit desakan…hehehe…dan over-keyakinan dan janji pelesu from the house developer, katanya the buyer will get the house keys by year end of 2010 --- janji pelesu sangat).

So after we married, we rent a room, then I was confirmed pregnant, then Adelea was born, still we didn’t get the house keys…Ya Allah….suffer yang teramat suffer. Bukan kitorang taknak beli rumah, rumah dah beli, tapi terbengkalai. Asan always feel down, because he can’t provide a good shelter to his own family….

But, I believed, everything happen ada hikmahnya kan. Kalau bukan Asan punya pendirian mesti ada rumah sendiri jugak, kalau bukan sebab dah khawin dah ada anak tapi rumah beli masih tak siap-siap, Asan mungkin takkan beli rumah yang kami tinggal sekarang. And this house definitely is more comfortable than the apartment. “Boleh tengok anak-anak main basikal’, kata Asan padaku suatu malam bila dia menyuarakan hasrat untuk membeli sebuah rumah lagi yang lebih selesa. Hamboih ayat novel Fatira Nafeesa Riana binti Abdullah Ahmad Sazali sangat.

I can say that, we passed through many obstacles throughout our journey, but we are heading to a better destination.

What if…
Tengah pregnant Adelea, rumah tak siap, something happen to Asan…where will I go with the baby inside my womb?

Or something bad happened along our relationship, where will I go?

But…tak mahu fikirlah. Makin fikir makin pening. Tak payah nak serabut kepala otak. I pray we will still husband & wife until our last breath.

Jom sekarang start saving and buy a house. Small house is fine, as long as it yours. Small saving every month pun okay, janji ada.

Like now, Aidilfitri is around the corner, of course we the perempuan-perempuan cannot restrain ourself from new handbags and shoes and nice raya outfits temptation…oh la la la…then from Instagram news, dekat Stadium tertutup Shah Alam happening now, ada #karnivalteratakglamraya pulakkkk…jalan kaki pun rasa sempat ni. So, even jiwa shopping tengah memberontakan nak keluar, takde hal…saving tak kacau.

Jom pergi #karnivalteratakglamraya, harini dan esok, 10 pagi sampai 10 malam. Jom!

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