Thursday, 21 August 2014


My colleague and I had bad-nose day last week. We got so pening with that unpleasant smell but have to bear with that until the end of office hour. Few minutes before the office hour ended, we already pack our things, dashed out to the car park and left.

In our Skype Group Chat, we being kepoh, talked to each other, how uncomfortable we feel right now, how we feel we are not in the air-conditioned office, but in the public transport full off....okay, you know what I’m talking about. Hehehehe.

People say, saying about anyone smelling armpit/body odour (B.O.) is forbidden. It’s a taboo that, one day, we will get B.O. too. And biggest part of me, believe that. So, I’ll always shut my mouth close, if I were to smell unpleasant smell around me. Luckily, they are just strangers or normal friends or someone that not important to me, if not, I will feel guilty not to tell them, and will still feel guilty after telling them. B.O. is very very sensitive/personal issue. Not everyone can accept the criticism/advice with open heart.

Same thing with bad breath. Ahhhh....everything related to stink/odour.

I read about B.O. long time ago, and found out that, sweating is not the main cause, because sweat is odourless. We always hear people say,

“He/she stinks because he/she sweats excessively....”

The main culprit here is the bacteria, not the sweats. But, when bacteria met sweat, they’ll become a powerful team to produce bad B.O. If you Google about B.O. you’ll see this statement (or similar),

“....sweat is odourless...bacteria use sweat to breed rapidly...bacteria breaks down the sweat into acids which produced the unpleasant smell....”

So, basically, we know, we need to fight against the bacteria not the sweat. We cannot stop our body from sweating, and bear in mind, sweating/perspiration is good for our body because it helps to eliminate toxins bla bla bla (go read yourself).

I learned that, this B.O thingy is somehow related to our daily lives or routines; hygiene, diet, medication, foods, etc. For example, if we do not regularly shave our armpit or not take shower regularly, it might likely allow the bacteria to “live” longer on our skin. So, shave and take shower regularly, and it’s very much encourage to use “anti-bacterial” soup. If you come to my house, you’ll not see other than “anti-bacterial” shower foam in my bathroom. It’ll change brand from Lifebuoy to Protext to Dettol to Antabax back to Lifebuoy or any other brand that have written “anti-bacterial”. No flowery scent at all. Hehehe.

 Some websites suggest using deodorant or Antiperspirant, but there are studies proved that, it might lead to breast cancer. I can’t leave the house without deodorant though. So, what I did is, I’ll ensure I’m in good state of hygiene and apply a very thin layer of deodorant. I use only sticky-type with natural scent and my favourite brands are Lady Speed Stick, Rexona and Nivea. I change deodorant once a month and only apply it, ONLY when I want to leave the house. And, perfume helps. So, do not being too calculative to invest on a nice scent of perfume. My current perfume is Nuit from Hugo Boss. It almost finish, and I’m eyeing for other brand now *ahem*Calvin Klein*.
I’ll avoid wearing the same clothes every day, especially the pyjamas. We thought, it should be okay since we do not sweat in the night. But, remember, eventhough we are not sweat, bacteria’s there. Just that, it doesn’t meet sweat, that’s why it doesn’t produce bad smell. Almost all houses have washing machine, so just left the washing business to washing machine. After it dries, if you lazy to fold them, just hanger it. Such an easy life, with good smell also. Hehehhe.

Foods intake also might contribute to B.O. imagine the Curry, Sambal Udang with Petai..what else... if you can say “no” to them, well, good for you. But, I can’t. I tried to cut down some other foods such as garlic or onion, but, still not very successful. I thought off to try detox way, heard it can help shove away the smell, well, we’ll see.

Just think, if we do not feel comfortable being close with someone that have B.O, so does other people. We should take good care of our hygiene. Always alert with our-self odour. And don’t let our B.O. issue made other people stay away from us.

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