Thursday, 14 August 2014

Checking for gender

Some like it to leave it as a surprise until the day of delivery, but not me. Knowing the gender is very important *don’t remind me that I did say I don’t mind about the gender, what important is the baby is healthy*. First, I have this nonsense feeling that the hospital/nurse/doctor has conspiracy to change my baby with other baby, with intention or not *too much drama, I guess*. Second, I can decide to buy baby boy or baby girl stuff; more blue or more pink, more chequered design or more ribbon, more hats or more headbands. See....

For this second round, I don’t really get confirmation whether I carry a boy or a girl. “a” ok, single baby definitely. On the first scan, still cannot see its private part. But, it still early. On the second scan, the Sonographer confirmed the gender, but that was like 3 months ago, and I never get follow up scanning appointment from the doctor/hospital. The hospital said, the KK will do the schedule scan on me, but the KK that I went to don’t have ultrasound equipment. So, I never scan after the second scan.

I search around private clinic that provide ultrasound.

I got one, nearby my office. RM35 plus print. That’s cheap. So, I went to that clinic, the doctor ask me to lie down on the bed, so, I lie down with this anxious feeling, cannot wait to know the gender. She switched on the ultrasound machine. When I see the screen, I was a bit “OMG, what year is your machine?” it’s too blur. Okay, I think positively, maybe because I’m not an expert, I can only see black and white picture, the doctor should know. I’ll just believe what the doctor said.

She began moving the ultrasound devices on my tummy, bla bla bla bla bla, in my heart “I don’t want to know that” so I interrupt,

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“The baby covers its private part”

“Can you do something so that it shows?”

“I’ll try...bla bla bla still covers, this baby’s very active, I cannot snap a good picture. You see, this is its eye lobe, nose.....”

I just nod, I totally can’t see.

So, that was it. Still not sure the gender.

After raya, I want to try again, and my colleague suggests this clinic at Seksyen 15, Shah Alam. When I call the clinic for appointment, one of my questions is,

“Is your machine screen clear enough to see the baby”

Hahahahaha...”don’t want banana fruit 2 times”.

Thank God, this 2nd clinic Ultrasound machine shows clearly the baby gender. I feel relieved. Now, I’m ready for baby stuff shopping.

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