Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hunting the names for the 2nd baby

Some knows that I want to name Adelea as Adelea Rose, not Adelea Sofea. Due to Rose doesn’t have Islamic meaning, so we change to Sofea at the last minute.

Sofia = beautiful (according to some websites)

But, I change the Malay spelling to Sofea, because 1) the pronunciation and spelling in Arabic is still the same. It’ll still give the same meaning. (A theory that I made myself). 2) I love letter E more than letter I.

The reason I want to put Rose (if boy, I want to put Ross) is, because, as you all know, in Islam, the daughter/son will be Bin/Binti with father name. So, I feel, I too want to have my part – being part of my children name. Hello....I’m the one who give birth to them; I have the right.

This is justice.

So, you see, my daughter have both of her parents name.

I know, in Islam, we are encouraged to name our children with good meaning, lebih Afdhal dan banyak kelebihan if we really study deeper on it (Or, if you lazy to read just accept that). I totally agree with this encouragement. There’s 1 hadis about Hari Kiamat, that we will be called by our name, so we must have good name.

But, I totally hate it when people say “Give good name to your children. If you don’t, your children will not turn out being a good man”

If name is the main factor of what our children will be, why did Ali (most common name) don’t have same way of life, same attitude, same jobs, same wife’s name, etc? Why?

Having good name with good meaning might have small tiny tiny tiny percentage of the baby behaviour/attitude, but, I certainly believe, names is not a sole determinant or a measuring stick to foresee what a child would be when he/she grows up.
There are many other factors along the grow up process, and it’s the parents responsibility to guide and ensure their children are always on the right path.

For this 2nd baby, I’ll maintain Sofea if it’s a girl. I have few names, also start with A for the first name, and most of it doesn’t have Islamic meaning *_0_*. I’ll keep the name to myself.

If it’s a boy, I have 2 (for the first name) which no Islamic meaning also. Hehehehe.

I admire this name since I worked with my ex-company. I never reveal to anyone (except Asan) because I don’t want people steal it. But, I can feel that, these 2 names will be rejected, so, okaylah....I just reveal it here. So, I don’t have to keep it anymore, because it makes me sick.

1) Shyard – this is the name of a doctor of my ex-company. He is a Chinese Doctor, and that name is his Chinese name, not his Christian name. I don’t know he is a Christian or Buddhist. Hehehehe. He’s not a Muslim, well...but he is a doctor.

2) Jovi – it’s from Jo Vern. This is the name of my ex-colleague also from my ex-company. Also a Chinese name. He’s from Sales Department, but he’s handsome. Very very very handsome.

I’ll keep the second name to myself, and the second name will have Islamic meaning. If this second baby is a boy, most probably I’ll just name him with 1 name only. Tired and frustrated to find names for boys. Hehehehe.

Do you have a good website for baby names?

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