Friday, 15 August 2014

Kilometre VS Kilogram

I put this on the wall at my office cubicle.

Erghhhhh!! Office issue. I hate “office issue”. Issues/rumours/misunderstandings which have the potential to be spread around the office in less than 2 hours.

I always do my best to avoid getting involved with things like this; watch my words and keep my acts. I’ll limit the communication and silly jokes. If any colleague-not-close-to-me tells me gossip about another colleague, I just listen and respond “oh really..oh okay”. There’s no way I’ll tell the same story to another colleague. Because, I know, the reason he/she tells me gossip is to help him/her spread the gossip.

I hate environment like this. Childish. Narrow minded. All are grown up but level of thinking and rationalism is still at low standard. Shame on the age. The brain not matures mutually with the numbers increase of age.

Here the case.

I’m on my way to the 2nd floor. Behind me is my colleague from other department, let’s call this colleague Megan Fox. Megan is a chubby person. With my current condition now; 9 months pregnant, I climb the stairs slowly. From behind, Megan says something, but I don’t really hear the details. I don’t feel comfortable, so I said to Megan,

“You jalan dulu, you bawa 90, I bawa 40”. I giggled.

Megan just smiled, and walk behind me.

Suddenly, after lunch, Megan came to me and said,

“Ros, I terasa you cakap I carry 90. I sedih”

I was shocked, puzzled with what Megan is talking. Then suddenly the “stair case” comes into my mind.

“Oh...I don’t mean carry, I mean drive”

By the time I finish my word, Megan already walked away and said,

“I want you to say sorry and put in newspaper”

“I don’t have to. You the one who misunderstand my word”

Megan walked away.

I just ignore that. Are you crazy asking for newspaper apology for something that you misunderstand?
But, I have feeling something is not right here.

About 3pm plus, I go to Surau to perform Zuhur prayer. Coincidentally, there is another colleague same department with Megan in the Surau, so I ask her what is really happen?

She said “Aku pun pelik. Dia tak pernah-pernah datang kat aku mengadu apa-apa, tiba-tiba datang kat aku cakap macam ni – I terasa dengan Ros sebab dia cakap I carry 90. Dia carry 80. Salah ke kalau I badan besar? I tak sangka dia pakai tudung tapi dia cakap macam tu-

I was shocked!

So, I tell this colleague, the “stair case” actual situation,

“Aku tak cakap carry, aku cakap bawa. Dia bawa 90, aku bawa 40, so aku suruh dia jalan dulu”

Then this colleague said “oooo...baru aku faham, kau maksudkan bawa = drive?”


At the same time, there is another colleague from my department ask her “Kau tak explain ke kat dia, yang Ros maksudkan bawa tu drive?”

“Tak, sebab the way Megan cerita kat aku - carry, so yang aku faham dia cerita Ros memang mengata badan dia besar. Dan untuk pengetahuan kau, 1 department aku tahu kau mengata dia”

Oh...that’s not shocking news. Megan’s being Megan.

So, I decided I’ll confront Megan and tell the actual things. I want to confront Megan not just to correct the things, but I can’t stand why Megan have to relate my tudung with my mouth. Some more, I’m not even call Megan’s fat or what, what I really mean is really drive.

So, after Surau, I straight to Megan. Megan’s on the phone, I ask Megan to hang up. I don’t care.

“Megan, I really mean drive, not carry....”

I haven’t finish the words that I plan to say, Megan handed hands, sign for peace. But, Megan just keep quiet and not even say sorry. Suddenly, I’m speechless, I took her hand and said “Mulut I tak jahat” and I walk away.

I don’t buy that. Right now, instead of me to ask for apologize; Megan is the one who should ask apology from me.

First, because Megan misunderstand my words, instead of confront me directly, Megan has took a move by telling the whole department and I’m sure to some from outside department. I can feel that, behind me, people’s talking,

“You know...Ros...She’s pregnant...but she calls other people fat...can’t she sees herself in the mirror..she wears tudung...she have bad mouth...woman with tudung not all kind one...”

Second, because Megan aggravates my religion. Megan shouldn’t relate why I wear tudung but I have bad mouth. I don’t even call Megan’s fat, I don’t even talk bad about Megan’s religion, I don’t even have bad mouth. I can have bad mouth if you want. You just try me, I can call you worse than fat. But, I don’t want. Why Megan wants to question my tudung, since Megan’s nuns also wear tudung.
I’m a Muslim. My religion never taught its followers to keep grudge, instead we should forgive each other with open heart. But, at the same time, we have to stand for our religion. Do not let other people make fool on our religion.

I know Megan would not come to me and ask for apology, and now I can feel that almost half of the office knows that I call people fat, eventhough I don’t. Since Megan do not ask for apology, I know Megan believe that I’m still at the wrong side. Megan would not correct the story.

So, I decided, I wrote that note and put on my cubicle wall. So, when people come in my department, they see that, and they can think and make decision who’s right who’s wrong.

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