Saturday, 16 August 2014

Let me introduce to you...Darwish

Since 2 days ago, out of sudden, Adelea refused to go to Taska. Menangis beriya-iya, kuat sampai Naga yang tertidur pun terjaga rasanya, macam nampak hantu, macam Taska tu is the scariest place she ever been. Free pun taknak masuk. This is strange. She never acted this way. She did cry sometimes, but when I promised her to bring her to “makaki (playground) or buy her “aikerim (ice-cream) after work, she’ll stop crying and just walked into the Taska.

Asyik suruh bawa pergi depan, jalan-jalan. I was at dead end thinking why suddenly she acted this way; crying so loud, refused to go into the Taska. Maybe, Hantu Mak Limah balik Taska haritu. Other than that, she keeps on asked for Atuk, Wan, Adam, Ayah all the names of our relatives that she knows.

I took half day emergency leave on the 1st day, because I can’t control my feelings when I saw her crying that bad. I try to send her again on the noon, Asan is on the way back so, he’ll pick her up at Taska, but she cries when my car approaches Taska. So, confirmed budak ni bukan takut hantu, tapi manusia, sebab hantu Kak Limah pukul 10 tadi dah balik kubur dia. Ada orang melawat katanya, raya-raya ni kan.

Yesterday, she still cries when my car approached the Taska. She refused to go out of the car, until I have to force her to go out. She cried louder than yesterday, but this time Naga tak bangun, dia tahu dah sapa yang menangis. The Taska owner and one of her staff come out to help, and once Adelea saw them, Adelea tries to run away. If you were me, what will you feel? What will you do? Ke dia Nampak Hantu Kak Limah bertenggek atas diorang. Hehehehe.

So, yesterday, I just left her with the Taska owner holding her tried to console her, she looked at me, and the way she looked at me read “Please Mommy, help me”

I don’t know if it just motherly over-reaction feeling, or she really scared of something or worse - someone.

I did ask her, is she being beaten by anyone? But, since she still can’t speak well, I don’t get the real answer. She did tell something that shocked me, but my instinct strongly believes, that’s not truly happen.

I always check her body if there are bruises or marks of her being beaten. So far, there are no suspicious marks, but sometimes there are minor wounds caused from being scratched. Most probably from nails scratch. The Owner/Staff sometimes did tell me, sometimes the kids fight for toys, and that incident can be happened so fast. They always assured me (and other parents, perhaps) they’ll always monitor and watch out the kids. I don’t think that, fighting for toys will make Adelea being so phobia to go to Taska. Impossible.

On the first day, one of the staff told me, there is 1 boy that always bullies her and other kids. His name is Darwish. I don’t know whether I should believe her or not. For me, it’s normal, kids bully kids. Logically, what a small kid able to do until his taska-mate being so scared to go to Taska? If it was really happen, the staffs are there to monitor and watch out the children under her care.

For these 2 days, I keep on thinking what’s actually happened to Adelea. The more I think, the more worry I am. Too many WHAT IFs....I try to gather back all the things that Adelea told me about her Taska. But again, as Adelea still cannot speaks well, her story changes at each line.

I remembered, there is this one usual respond she always told us,

“anishh...” and usually followed by the sound and action of crying.

Previously, I thought, when she said “anishhh” it means “menangis (cry)”. After this Darwish name come into my life, I think, she’s trying to say “Darwish” and tries to tell me that this Darwish always bullied her and made her cry. I don’t know...... it just perception. Until now, I still don’t believe this Darwish able to do something that would make Adelea afraid of Taska.

Adelea still so baby, when she saw her favourite toys or something that she likes, she’ll easily forgot what made her cry just now and began to play with joy like nothing happened. I still cannot believe a 3-year old kid would be so phobia if her taska-mate bullied her.

Yesterday, the Taska owner told me more about this Darwish. However, I still believe, Darwish is not the main suspect. Come on la...budak umur 3 4 tahun, setakat mana je akal diorang. Sampai ke tahap merancang conspiracy “jom buli”.

Last night, I lie down with her in her room. I didn’t ask anything about her Taska. Suddenly she says like this,

“Akak ukul Ya....”

I was shocked. “Akak pukul Ya kat mana?”

“Akak ukul Ya. Angishh”

“Ya menangis?”

“Ha...Akak ukul Awish. Awish angishh”



“Kenapa akak pukul Darwish”

“Awish ukul Ya”

“Darwish pukul Ya? Kat mana?”

“Akak ukul Awish”

“Akak pukul Ya ke Akak pukul Darwish?”

“Awish ukul Ya”

So, more or less the conversation. That’s why I said, I still cannot believe 100% what Adelea told me, because she still cannot speaks well. But, I’ll always keep in my mind whatever she told me.

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