Saturday, 23 August 2014

Moral Support

How do you define always give moral support?

A) Support each other all the time – help financially and psychologically, regardless the action is right or not so right.

B) Give support in terms of words of encouragement. Didn’t say “DON’T” but always remind on the risk/negative side. When 1 fall, 1 will always there, help to rise again, ensure the one who fall will not give up and give more words of encouragement.

C) Say “I have no objection at all, but if anything happen, be sure I don’t involve”

D) Smile and just say “that’s good”. That’s it.

As per google,

My answer is B.

I, is kind of person who’ll not give up things that I like when people condemn it. In fact, I need negative *some are hurtful though, but I’ll be fine* comments to rise up my lost spirit to strive again and again until I succeed.

For example,

1) When I first join my current company, I did many mistakes. I’m new, what do you expect I’ll expert in everything and all my works are in order with no mistake at all?
I join in Jan, and in Mar we have Quarterly Forecast report. This will be my 1st time doing Forecast Report in this company. It’s not easy and straightforward as the monthly report, so, I admit, I did lot of mistake. I feel guilty, just that, I’m new. And learning is still a process.
The Finance Manager say something like this “There’s no use we pay so much to Headquarters *I’m in Shared Service field, so the country branch pay the Shared Service Fee (me) to HQ* if THIS is the result we get. We expect the quality we’ll get is equivalent to what we pay”
This FM says it, straight to my face (I mean ear, because he said it over the phone).
I was down for a while, feel like want to resign, because I feel guilty and I feel humiliated.
(Hello Sir, I don’t earn as much as you pay to HQ...BEAR THAT IN MIND!!)

But no. I’m still in the same company, and January 2015 will complete my 4th year. I don’t resign, I decided to stay to prove to that FM, I’m not that BAD as what he’d thought. I can be the best, and mind you, one day you’ll regret with what you’ve said to me.

2) My cooking
I don’t dare to cook for others other than Asan. I know, my cook is still low standard-taste, and there are so many things that I need to improve on my cooking. However, Asan never condemn my cook. His complaint would only be “lauk ni tawar”, “nasi ni lembik/keras”, “sayur ni pahit”....
Just like that.
Never “AWAK MASAK APA NI??? TAK SEDAP LANGSUNG” throws plate to the wall.
Never. So, sometimes I don’t feel like to improve my cooking skill because I never get hurtful comments in my cook. Boleh gitu?

3) My sewing
Asan never praise me, never condemn me, except on my Raya Jubah recently. He said “its’ too kembang, tak lawa *sort of – I lazy to find back the entry*.
It makes me feel “One day, I’ll sew the nicest jubah in the world. And you can’t stop talking about my Jubah, because it’s too cool not to talk about”. *jeling*

You see, it doesn’t mean that I love hurtful comments than sweet words. I love sweet words too, plus romantic act also. Hehehehe. But, If we already know, we are not that good, but people say we that good, we straight away will know, the comments is sincere or not.

Negative/hurtful comments will make me feel down, but it not make me give up with what I’m doing. Some more, it makes me think wider on how should I improve myself? What is the pre-cautious way so that I’ll not repeat the same mistake? What if I still make mistake, what will be my next plan/action?

But, I prefer the hurtful comments also added with “I know you can do better than this”


“It’s not nice, at all...but keeps it up. Practise make perfect”

Comment the truth, but never say something that would make people give up.

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