Sunday, 24 August 2014

Past week 37th

I’m now towards the end of 37th weeks (ho yeah....another (more or less) 2 weeks to go). A big part of me, I want to deliver on the EDD. But, a tiny part of me secretly hoping that I’ll give birth earlier with no complications. Both baby and I are healthy.

After I gave birth to Adelea, I did say that, contraction is the most painful pain I’ve ever go through. I said, I’ll never forget how painful it was. Well, now, I actually not really sure how contraction would look like.


Early delivery is possible. One day in the 37th week, I got stomach pain as if I need to go the toilet right away, but nothings come out. Is this contraction?? I check the consistency – not consistent, but regular. After half an hour, the things come out, okay, not the time to deliver yet.

In the same week, I got back pain, but it’s different from the one that I normally get. The pain is the most at the waist, and I remember this is the one that I feel during Adelea. So, contraction? Not consistent. I just ignore and go sleep, because I think if really is the time to deliver, it’ll wake me up. I’ll go to the hospital, in fact, I was in the hospital. My water bag broke, and I’ll be in labour in any minutes.

But, no. It just a dream or delusion of giving birth. I’m still at home, on the same bed, with one of Adelea’s feet on my head.

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