Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sewing project After Raya

Ok...I have closed booking *for myself only* for Raya outfit, and open *for myself only* for nursing attire. I’ve been busily Google the design, especially at the nursing area; the pattern, how to sew it, the suitable fabric, and many more....which....I also don’t know whether I’ll have the time or not, because my due date is in 1 month plus time. Ya Allah, seriously, the nearer the due date, I become more nervous. I’m scared to meet contraction. That is the most sakit ever!!!

Ok, perhaps, if I cut the time to play The Farmville online or checking my Facebook & Instagram feed, I might have the time I needed.
. phone’s beep. Notification from Farmville.

I have Strawberry & Potato ready to harvest. Ohhhhh and the cow milk ready to collect. Scroll up *I didn’t hear this notification* the strawberry jam is ready to collect at Fruit Press.....oh so many....

By that time, I have forgotten about my D.I.Y nursing attire.

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