Friday, 8 August 2014

Sleep training

Before Raya, we ordered a double-decker bed for Adelea. Yeapppppp...we going to start to sleep train her. The bed was delivered couple of days ago, and the training start on the same night.

On the day it was delivered, I got home a bit late, and when she saw me home, she hurriedly ushered me to her room, showing the new bed. Adelea have this habit “showing off” her new things/toys to others. If we Facetime our sister/brother, and she currently have new toys, she’ll show to them. From whom she inherits this? Ishhh!

She’s so happy when she showed to me the bed, but I can feel that, she yet to understand that, that she’s going to sleep on that bed, alone in her room, start tonight. So, we keep telling her,

“Tonight you’ll sleep here in your room. You got new bed, all is yours”
“Nooo...” and she keep pointing to our room.

About 10.30 pm, we start to make her go to bed. We ushered her to her room, Asan lay down beside her and I made milk for her. Finish her milk, she said,

“Nak viii...nak atong”
(nak tengok TV, nak cartoon).

She doesn’t want iPad, because she knows, she can’t go out from her room. Pandai budak ni.

Okay, never mind, still early.
After 11 pm, we try again. She takes her kain busuk and pillow with her and walks to our room, but we ask her to go to her room. She cries a bit, and then I said, I’ll accompany her to sleep. I’ll pok-pok (patting) her as usual. She’s agreed, and fell asleep after about 10 minutes.

Then...I went to bed.



Someone’s crying & shouting. That’s Adelea. I hurried to her room, thank God she's still on the bed. I thought she had fall from the bed. She covers her face with her kain busuk; she’s scared maybe. I saw her eyes open. I looked at the wall clock. 1.20 am. What???? It just 2 hours. And I’m really sleepy that time, instead of I persuade her back to sleep in her room, I just ask her to get out of the bed, take along her pillow and let sleep with mommy.

The next morning, she woke the same time with us, before 6am. It’s strange, because normally, eventhough she sees us woke up, and she’s still sleepy, she’ll ignore us and continue sleeping. When we walked out of the room (I need to open the gate for Asan), she follows, took along her kain busuk, pillow and my handphone. Asan & I look at each other and concluded “takut kena tinggal la ni”

Sleep training Day 1 = Failed.


Actually, we have been decided to sleep train her long long long long time ago, just that, no serious action taken. I remembered I try to train her to drink her milk on day time at her own room, you know, to get her use to her own room. She’s ok with that, but after finish her milk, she request to go out from the room.

But now, with new baby coming out soon, and she’s turning 3 years old this year, we think, it’s about time she have to sleep at her own room. Some more, I long miss my spot on the bed (I should have at least half of it, but what I got for this past few years is just a tiny spot at the side. Sometimes, there are 2 small feet landing on my face! Sigh Adelea...she’s a monster when she’s sleeping).

But, truly, I feel sad inside. This separation, eventhough only few doors away, some more still in the same roof, it really does break my heart. After this, I can pretty foresee, there is more separation; boarding school, further study abroad, get married, moving out....and many more...

We should and always train our children to be independent, they cannot rely on parents forever. They should be able to live on their own 2 feet.
I used to “I like it” when I moved out from my family and start to live of my own. I call it Freedom without boundaries. And I’m sure, Adelea will feel the same. (I pray you will not).

Literally, it seemed like I’m giving training to Adelea (and my other kids) about being independent, but, the fact is, I’m giving training to myself, be prepared, mentally & emotionally about being left. Whatever it is, I'll always try giving my best for my kids.

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