Sunday, 17 August 2014

Who’s to blame?

Regarding my post on Darwish, must probably think that I’m talking about my second child right? Hehehehe.

Ok, rentetan dari that entry, I just want to make it clear here, I don’t put blame to anyone. Adelea’s my daughter, my responsibility, I’m the one who supposed to take care of my own children. I know that. You don’t have to bash me by saying I supposed to resign, be a full time housewife, whatsoever, what-so-not, because you are not in my shoes.

I don’t blame Darwish also. Poor Darwish, mesti dia tersedak-sedak orang dok sebut-sebut dia. Don’t get me wrong, I do take this case seriously. Especially it’s about my daughter’s feelings. I don’t want Adelea being so Diva, so spoiled, until minor wound also I kompang-kompangkan seluruh kampung. For me, fight for toys, minor scratch is still acceptable. It’s all process of socializing. Janganlah sampai gaduh, sampai kena masuk hospital, berdarah 2 baldi. Nauzubillah. Kat rumah pun boleh bergaduh sesama adik beradik, tampar-tampar, tapi semuanya biarlah terkawal dan lukanya pun biarlah logic di akal.

But, it doesn’t mean also I allowed Adelea to *without guilt* scratch her friends. Hagak-hagaklah orang kata.

I also not really sure the actual story, so, I don’t want to listen to only one side. I don’t want to be kind of parents that keep on blame other people kids are naughty, kau-tak-jaga-anak-kau-ke kind of parents tu. Mintalah dijauhkan. Since I was kid until now, I still can see many parents who always think that their children are the most soleh ever, kaki surau tahap berzanji merdu sampai hujan takkan turun 2 3 bulan sebab berzanji hari-hari, suara merdu sangat. Memang calon menantu Nur Kasih! Anak dia jelah yang masuk syurga, anak orang lain memang dah siap-siap cop kat dahi “neraka”.

Child abuse can happen in anywhere, not only at nursery. We heard abuse case at Kindergarten as well, at Primary school, Secondary school, at University, and worst at the child own home. I believe in nursery/babysitter system, it has many other benefits IF everybody does it in the right way. Mothers can go to work, family may have extra income, jobs opportunities, socializing exposure...many more. There are pros and cons for each and everything, but, as I said, IF everybody does it in the right way, we can get benefits more than bad result.

I still monitor on this issue. See tomorrow, she’s already okay to go Taska or not. Hopefully, okay lah... #berdoa Darwish pun dah pindah taska. hahahaha.

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