Sunday, 21 September 2014

Round 2: Confinement at hometown

Seperti yang semoleknya, I'll balik kampung for confinement. Initially, I thought to do confinement at my own home; second baby – I already have experience what to do what not to do, I know how to bathe newborn baby, I already know, should be no problem. I AM Super Woman.
Another reason is, at my parents, the internet coverage is poor. So you know how bored my life will be for the next 60 days...

But, Emak not allowed it, my husband not allowed it too.

Emak said – kau memang dah tahu, tapi An takut kau tak daya. Mana nak jaga Adelea, nak jaga budak baru lahir.....
(Basically, my mother’s point is I’ll not have adequate time, energy, and PATIENCE to take care of 2 children, while me myself is still sakit luka bersalin)

My husband said – awak tahu ke nak jaga anak dalam pantang? *____*”
(Hello... that’s where husband should play his role. Some more, tak tahu? Then belajar...)

Luckily I take my mother advice. Masya-Allah, it’s not that easy to take care of 2 small children, one of them is newborn who demand for direct breastfeed for every 2 hours – average, at the same time the first one crying for attention...

It’s not that easy.
But for mothers out there, who able to handle it with maybe not 2, but 3 or 4 or 5 or more children, whoaaaaa......I salute you!

Pray for Emak’s health.

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