Thursday, 11 September 2014

Round 2: Labour story

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

This time, only 1 post. Cukuplah, some more, the process is too short.

Ok, the story begins like this,

The due date is on 9th September. Still many days to go.

30th August, around 11 A.M
We all plan to go out today, destination: IKEA; I’m craving for Meatball. Together with us are some of Asan’s siblings. In the bathroom, I found out, there is spotting on my panty, the same red spotting as my first pregnancy. I know, the time is about to come.

Asan asked: Nak pergi hospital sekarang ke?

I said “no need”. Because, I still remember, last time a Nurse told me “sakit baru datang Hospital”.
“petang karang baru pergi Hospital” I add, but I think Asan didn’t hear this.

So, I pack all stuff that need to be brought to Hospital. Arrived at Ikea, take our lunch, go to e-Curve & look for Watson & Guardian to buy all other stuff yang masih belum dibeli; maternity pad, nursing pad, breast pump, baby lotion, Pati Ikan Haruan...etc.

My parents will be coming on the same day, tapi diorang gerak after Asar. I didn’t inform my other siblings in the Family Whatsapp Group, fear of Emak will read and knowing my Mom, dia akan mudah kelam kabut ke tahap yang tak sepatutnya. Tak pasal-pasal karang dia paksa my brother gerak immediately, some more her neighbour ada kenduri khawin, so biarlah dia attend kenduri tu dulu.

I just tell my second sister, itupun sebab dia cakap dia nak datang to Aeon nearby my house. Karang dia datang, I dah ada dekat Hospital. I call my other kakak & adik yang live nearby Hospital, semua pun tak available. Bukan apa, at least, apa-apa hal, I boleh letak Adelea dekat diorang.

Asan pulak, is going to Kedah tonight. So, nak taknak, I have to give birth before Asan go to Kedah, my parents pun dah sampai, ada orang jaga Adelea. Mesti. So, jalan-jalan ke Ikea adalah sesuatu yang boleh dianggap bijak. Hehehehe.

Around 5 PM
I started to feel stomach pain, but still not sure this is contraction or just normal stomach pain. And it’s not consistent.

I said to Asan, I want to go to Hospital. He was shocked, like “now?”

Yela. Adalah salah faham sikit, dia cakap “lain kali duduk rumah je”

Derrrr...tadi I dah cakap petang pergi Hospital. kalau duduk rumah, and suddenly sakit, but he was out, sapa pulak nak hantar hospital.

Orang dah elok plan, pergi IKEA dulu, petang karang confirm sakit, so direct ke Hospital, sebab dah dekat.

And are you sure, ada “lain kali”?

Around 6 PM
Arrived at Hospital. First, we go to Emergency, because we not sure where we should go. But the Nurse there instructs us to go to KWKK. I go to KWKK, Level 5 – Wad Bersalin (I really don’t know where to go) but the Nurse there instructs me to go to Level 3. So, I go to Level 3.

At Level 3, I told the Nurse “I started to feel pain at my stomach.”

I don’t know I lied or not, because what I feel is only inconsistent stomach pain.

The Nurse asked back “since when?”

“About an hour ago”

The nurse asked me to change cloth, and give all my stuff to Asan. So, I’m alone in the Labour Room, without my iPhone. The Nurse gives me Enema, but I know that I didn’t flush everything. A doctor came, ask me this and that. Oh no...The process of many-different-people-come-and-ask-the-same-question-over-and-over-again-is-happening-right-now, I thought. But, this time, instead of she writes, she types in the screen.

Another doctor came, checking for cervix opening. He said “dilated 4 cm, boleh ready untuk pecahkan air ketuban”.

I just keep quiet, not realized that the doctor means now!
I was shocked, I give excuse that I still need to go to the toilet. Actually, I want to talk to Asan first, you know, ask for his apology and blessing. Well, a normal pregnant mom always do. Some more, kejap tadi ada gaduh-gaduh manja. I try to use the office phone, tapi Nurse tak bagi. Dia Tanya “kenapa nak cakap dengan husband?”

“saya nak tanya pasal anak saya” alasan. Halahai....mahal sangat ke charge telephone kalau setakat cakap seminit?

Around 7 PM
Redha for waterbag breaking process. I asked the Doctor, generally how long will it takes to give birth after waterbag was broke?
She said that it depends on the mothers, and what she normally sees is less than 1 hour.
What???? Are you serious Doctor? Ini sudah bagus. I should give birth by 8 PM. *happy face*
“But, the contraction pain is more” the Doctor remind. *crying face*
Before they all leave me alone with my contraction, one of the Student-Doctor remind me to inform them when I feel like “meneran”.

I started to check for the consistency of the pain. Every 5 minutes.

First 5 minutes, next 5 minutes, and next, and next....the pain is getting extreme, and I started to use Entonox Gas. MasyaAllah. Sakit yang amat. I looked at the wall clock, not yet 8 PM. 1 jam bagai 10 jam pulak rasanya.

The pain is getting more and more extreme. That very moment, when I feel the pain, and I inhale the Entonox Gas, the drowsy feeling, the same feeling I got during my first pregnancy, I vowed to myself “this will be the first, and the last”. But, here I am, alone on the bed, feeling the same feeling again. Why????

I feel pain at below part, feeling like I want to poo. I really thought I want to poo, because I know I didn’t flush everything when they gave Enema just now. 1 time I tahan, 2 times, still tahan, few times, I remembered what the Student-Doctor reminds me “inform them when I feel like “meneran”.

I press the bell, and 1 person come (don’t know who, I barely can open my eyes) I told him/her “saya rasa sakit nak meneran”.

Immediatley, he/she checks my cervix opening and I hear 1 chaotic situation;

“dah full ni”

“tu nampak kepala dah tu”

“bla bla bla bla bla”

This time no more they put my legs on the stands, they just bend my legs, ask me to hold the barriers, and encourage me to push. Push and push and push tak keluar juga. Puaslah Nurse tu bising,

“jangan teran muka dik, teran bawah tu. Tak elok untuk baby”

I heard the Doctor told the Student-Doctor “ok guard here properly, ish....alaaaa...see..koyak dah.....”

*koyak???? Gila nko!!! Kena push kuat lagi ni, entah apa yang koyak lagi karang* I bermonog sendiri.

So, dengan kekuatan Wonder Woman, I push sekuat hati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.24 PM
Baby dah lahir

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