Thursday, 23 October 2014

1 more minute you do not heat up, I’ll throw you to the wall

Eventhough I’m a second time mother, breastfeeding is a first time to me. I know very few about breastfeeding such as Medela breast pump have the best review so far, stress reduces milk production and weaning process sometimes can be difficult because the baby is already comfortable with mother’s nipple.

I know...I should stuff myself with as many information as I could about breastfeeding; of equipment to the care of breast milk.
Where else to go other than the internet, right?

I found out some basic must-have equipments list for breastfeeding and at the same time, my sister introduces to me a baby shop which also selling online that sell cheaper than other baby shop. This shop always use the word cheap, easy, on sale, high demand, hot selling and other drooling words in their caption which make me look no more to other shops. Some more, they always received good comments/reviews/feedbacks from buyers. Some’s near to my house.

And this is where I slip up.

I depend solely on this shop. I didn’t check further about each product that I want to buy; I didn’t make any comparisons, didn’t search for other user reviews. My purchase is solely based on cheap + high demand. And now, I have to pay for that.

For example, I bought a warmer from Little Bean. It has a heating button function similar to other warmers, but the price is among the cheapest. So, I thought, why should I buy a more expensive warmer while I can get the similar warmer on cheaper price?
I was totally wrong. When I first started using the warmer, it takes 15 minutes to heat the milk that has been thawed. I thought the warmer was faulty or I am not following properly the given guideline.

I google more about LB warmer (something that I should do before buying the warmer), and I found out that, LB warmer does take 15-20 minutes to warm the milk at 40°. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I hate myself!

Okay, since I know the time required, I can begin to heat the milk 15 minutes before the next feeding time. It should be no issue. But, I cannot set when my baby will be waking up. After feeding, sometimes he slept for 1 hour, sometimes for 2 hours. There are certain times, he slept more than 3 hours. Although I have waked him up, he refused to take his milk. And heated milk can only be used in 1 hour time. The milk will be wasted.

So, feeding time for Emran is very chaotic, my mother & I will feel very panic as Emran already cry so loud, but the milk still not warm enough. At 1 point, I feel like I want to throw the warmer to the wall!!

So remember to study deeper and make comparisons for each possible product, and find out which one that best suits your condition.

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