Monday, 27 October 2014

I (we) will survive

I’ll go back to Klang soon. Erghhhh…how time flies so fast. We’ll left Emran with my parents, and come back again in 2 weeks time. That means, I have to keep enough EBM for 2 weeks supply, which is…errrr…seems impossible. As of today, what is left in the chest freezer is just enough for 2 @ 3 days only.

Everytime I think about the milk supply, I kept remembering back at the time when the Nurses ask me to attend free public talk about breastfeeding held by the hospital. I’ll just say “okay” and give assurance smile that’ll go. It was held at the waiting area nearby the doctor’s room, so, while waiting for our number to be called, we can listen to the talk.
I always set my appointment at 8 am and normally ended before 10 am.
The talk normally started after 10 am, so you know…by 10 am, I was already at the cafeteria having my breakfast.

The cafeteria is not far from the doctor’s room actually; in the same building at the same floor. You see…I’m just lazy.

I know, there are cases whereby mothers’ body cannot provide enough milk, and it might happen to me too. I got a bit scared thinking about that, but the thought of ‘milk booster’ washed my fear away.
I Google-d more about ‘the best milk booster’ instead of ‘ways to produce more breast milk’.

When Emran diagnosed with G6PD Deficient and among the food that I was forbidden to eat is ‘jamu’ or traditional herbs because it’ll affect my baby too if I want to breastfeed him….

I can’t simply take milk booster without detailed checking of the ingredients.

So, bye bye Shaklee, bye-bye soy based milk booster, bye-bye Alfalfa…….although Shaklee has other option, but…I have to take 4 different bottles. So…no.

Knowing that, it doesn’t stop me to breastfeed him. I can take natural milk booster such as pennywort (pegaga), bitter gourd (peria), turnip (lobak putih), honey, dates…what else…

It’s easy to get pennywort in my village, besides this plant grows abundantly in my parents’ garden. I take at least a bowl per dish. But still, my body cannot produce enough milk to keep for stock.

At the same time, I keep searching for milk booster that is safe for G6PD Deficient baby. I found one – The Mom’s Choc. It’s a dark chocolate that has 4 main ingredients; dates, honey, Habbatus Sauda and pennywort, and all four are safe for G6PD Deficient. It has soy extract, but I think I’ll be no problem because I think it’s from the chocolate.

The nurses from Klinik Kesihatan (KK) advice not to take the milk booster at least the baby reach 1 month old.

I started to blame the breast pump; cheap, suction not good, poor performance, waste my money!!!!.....

I bought Medela mini electric, it’s the cheapest from Medela brand, but still it’s Medela (whatever). I always use at low level because I fear the high level will hurt my nipple.
But, one day, I feel like I want to use higher level, without I realized my fingers already moved the button. No pain. Suddenly I feel “something” coming out from my breast and to my surprise, it is the milk flowing out. When the flow getting slower, I increase to another level, and yeahhhh…you know it…
For that session, I managed to get 2oz for both sides. It’s still little, but more than I ever get before; less 1oz for both sides. And for the first time, I understand what does it means by “empty the breast”. Hehehehehe.

I love my breast pump. Yes I am. I regret saying bad thing to it. It’s me who doesn’t know to operate that pump. *sigh*

I call the nurse from the hospital, asking for other advice and she suggests power pumping. So I did. On my 45th day of confinement, I started to take the milk booster I mentioned before – The Mom’s choc.

On the 4th day and onwards, I manage to get 4 to 8 oz for both sides.
And you know how happy I am.

I started power pumping regularly, and Alhamdulillah, the amount of milk is increasing from day to day.

But, my “EBM stock” still not solved yet. I follow (eventhough not so compliant) the training schedule to give EBM to babies and direct feeding during night. Initially he can accept drink using milk bottle, however he starts to refuse eventually. He rejects the bottles, and end up the EBM wasted. So, we (my mother & I) decided, direct feeding should be stopped immediately and use only feeding bottle.

Erghhhhh…I don’t really agree actually, because, that means, I have to wake up in the morning to heat the EBM. I prefer direct breastfeeding.
Direct breastfeeding is more convenient during night…nursing mothers know why.

Emran drinks milk regularly; 4 oz for every 2 to 2 ½ hour. Sometimes, I do not have enough time to pump for the next session, he already woke up and cry loudly for milk. So, I have to use the old EBM. All the EBM dated in September and early October has been used.

So you see…I have settled my war with my breast pump, The Mom’s choc is my new favorite chocolate (milk booster), power pumping is my current exercise…I did everything I could to increase the milk produce…and yes, the amount of milk increase, but as the demand also increase, I still cannot keep enough EBM for stock.

I almost gave up but just yet.

I have to introduce to him formula milk, because the EBM not enough for even 1 week. And I don’t want to bring him with me because I think he still fragile, so, I’m a bit scared to send him to Taska.

I’ll try my best to go back home regularly, to supply for EBM. For the time being until we take him with us, we have to give him FM also, maybe twice a day.
This way’s still better.

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