Saturday, 11 October 2014

Levis’ of my dream

I still remember, after I gave birth to Adelea, I was determined to lose weight and get back into shape before my pregnancy. I think most women are the same when it comes to “weight”, regardless they gain weight or not, they still think they need to lose some weight. Hehehehe.

One of the ways to increase my passion about losing weight is I have set a strict rule for myself, that I could only buy a pair of Levis jeans in size 25 ONLY or don’t buy at all.
It’s not easy. Until again...until now I still cannot fit into that size. I’m so stress thinking what I can do to get closer to that number.

So, I give up. Heck...the world won’t topple if I don’t fit into size 25. I don’t need a new Levi’s. I don’t & never fancy Levi’s. *flip tudung*

But, when I saw the new Levi’s advertisement on Television, suddenly, my heart flitters, my hands sweat, and my bank a/c trembles --- I want a (or more) new pair of Levi’s!!!

The jacket is nice!
Too cute too handle. I'm going to buy one for Adelea & Emran.

You can check their website at and happy feeding your eyes with their attractive and cool design. Or just make yourself free to visit their nearest boutique, but, don’t blame me on any damage of your pocket. Hehehe.

But, seriously, for me, the design & pattern of Levi’s jeans are all nice & way too cool. It makes the wearer looks attractive and stylish - 2 very important factors. It worth every penny you spent.
If I go to Levi’s boutique, I feel like I want to buy every single design of its jeans. But, my bank account stopped me...sigh.

Below are some of my favourite patterns. All picture taken from Levi’s website.

Most favourite. I want this!

I’m going to buy one. This time, I have increased the size to size 27. Hehehehe. If I do not fit that size anymore, I’ll still buy!

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