Thursday, 30 October 2014

Postpartum hair loss

Hair falling out is normal to some people. “Normal” here, according to some researches is losing 50 to 100 strands of hair per day.

I never count how much my hairs fall per day, but it’s not the numbers I worry about. It’s seeing hairs littering all over the floor make me (h)airless. Mannn… You haven’t seen yet my pillow after I wake up in the morning. Totally kill my morning mood.

Yes, I had postpartum hair loss after I gave birth to Adelea. People say its normal, especially on the 3 @ 4 months after giving birth. After some time, it’ll going back to normal.

But, that not happen to me. My hair falls out for years.

I’ve tried many kinds of shampoos, from one with good smell like flowers until one with smell like detergent *look back at the back of the bottle twice in case I mistakenly bought a detergent which I thought is shampoo*. From price range tens to hundreds, still all to no avail.

I’m not saying hair care products on the market are not good – don’t get me wrong.
Rationally, not all products on the market will suit us. We have to try-and-error until we found one that suits us the most.

People say (too much people say in this post), it’s hormonal problem. No shampoo can help.
I almost give up, and just accept that, until…I tried ĽORÉAL hair fall shampoo.

After several times using that shampoo, I noticed the hair falls decreasing, I don’t see much hairs littering as much as before. I feel clean.
Why I don’t try this shampoo earlier??

It has good smell too. After wash, the nice soft fragrance of the shampoo lingers on for sometimes which make me feel so good. I use its conditioner as well. I can feel that, my hair soften and manageable. I have thick and coarse hair type, so I can feel the difference before & after using this shampoo.

A bit about ĽORÉAL hair fall shampoo, it has Arginine Essence that helps to:
1 – Nourishes the hair root
2 – Restructure hair fiber
3 – Hair grows stronger

All three that you need in one bottle.

By the way, please google what is Arginine if you would like to know more about this. Hehehehe.

I don’t say this is the best shampoo. However, whatever ingredients they blend into that bottle solves my hair loss problem.

I have found solution to my hair loss problemYou may try it if you haven’t. Who knows it suits you well too.

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