Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fall in love with Eve Love Lily Breast Pump

When my sister asked me what gift I want for my 2nd child, I immediately think of Medela Freestyle breast pump.

The yellow colour really gives a “wowwwwwwww” to the user.

But, it’s expensive though. How I wish I have 20 siblings. Hehehehe*I take back my word, what I have is more than enough.

I love my Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump. I already get used to its motor operation and suction rhythm. I can say that, I always get full production for each session. I do not regret buying that. However, thinking about my workplace; open concept and my desk is in front of the hallway, I need a more workplace-friendly breast pump.

I’m looking for a breast pump that has below features:-
1 – Freestyle – I don’t have to hold the bottle, hence I can still do my work, and left the machine with its work.

2 – Minimal sound – I can pump at my own desk, at the same time will not annoy my other colleagues especially those seating near me with that bzzzzz bzzzzz sound. I don’t have to go to a secreted place such as surau or toilet. Pump in the toilet?? Euwwwwww.

3 – Double pump – so, it took lesser time to finish 1 session of pumping.

4 – Easy to carry – the magic word is “lightweight” and “compact size”. Just imagine if the machine is big in size and heavy. I’ll go crazy to carry them.

5 – Optional power source – this is important. So, I can still get to pump in the car or during black out. Anywhere everywhere.

All of the above must be matched with:-
1 – Reasonable price – and affordable.


I bought this,

Eve Love Lily Breast Pump.

My sister also recommends this, as 1 of her colleague also using the same. She adds, she saw many bottles full of milk in their office fridge and she never hears the sounds of the breast pump.

So, it really is quiet.

I’m actually hesitant to buy other than Medela brand, because, previously I bought one (I can’t remember the brand name) but the suction is bad.

To make this story short, after a long search of Eve Love Lily Breast Pump reviews in blogs, Instagram, everywhere in the net, I found out 1 FB Account and the admin is from my hometown and currently stay at Klang. Cool. My hometown-mate, live nearby and she also allows me to test-drive the pump. Great!

Later I found out, she is a Doctor and also a Lactation Counselor.
How convincing is that?!
It made feel confident and I know I have made the right choice.

She explains further, that Eve Love Lily breast pump have,
1 – Silicon breast shield – mother will feel more comfortable and less pain. (But, I have to remind you that, different user might have different feel of pain, despite using the same level of suction)

2 – LCD screen – showing timer.

3 – Dual-phase expression – Stimulation followed by expression phase. It mimics baby natural sucking rhythm.

4 – Built-in anti backflow mechanism in motor – hence, if the milk flows through the tubing, the motor itself will push out back the milk from flowing into the motor. It has additional anti-backflow kit also to prevent the milk flow into tubing.
(See…double protection. I once experienced on the milk backflow. That time, I’m not using the anti-backflow kit. I’m not sure what is really happen, but there it was…the milk flow into tubing and I guess it already flow into the motor. But, it’s not. Alhamdulillah. This happen only few days after I bought that pump.)

5 – Safety feature – automatically off after 1 minute ideal.

6 – Frequency Mode button – increase 30% in frequency.

Bla bla bla bla....hehehe. The most important is, whatever features I want is there in Eve Love Lily Breast Pump.

Personally, I found this breast pump very worthwhile. It has all minimum features a mother wants, yet affordable.
However, I believe, the resistance of a machine (regardless of any machine) is depends on the usage of the user. If we take a good care of the motor, InshaAllah, it will last longer than its standard timeline.

It’s pumping time. See you later.

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