Friday, 14 November 2014

Food changes people

What I always have with bread?

Nutella. Always.
Dip into Milo drink. If I run out of Nutella.
Kaya and butter. Only at kopitiam. If the Kopitiam have bread with Nutella, I’ll order that.

For me, bread and Nutella is 1; they are inseparable.

The only fruit jam that I’m okay with is Smucker’s Goober Peanut Butter & Grape Flavor. Others. No.
Sardine or Egg Sandwich. Will only buy, will not make it.

Bread with cheese? No no no no no. I can’t translate that awful taste into words. No no no.

People said, things do you hate going to be things you fond the most.

7 days detained at Hospital after giving birth to Emran has changed my perspective *woww* towards bread & Nutella vs cheese.
The Hospital only serves normal breakfast such as tasteless Mee Goreng and its kind, over-salty Chicken Porridge and bread with strawberry jam, cheese and butter.
On day 1, they serve me the bread menu because I admitted the night before, so I cannot choose my menu. Although I don’t like it, I finish them. But, it could be I was hungry that time.
On day 2, I ordered Chicken Porridge which I stop to eat after the 1st sip.
On day 3 to 7, I ordered the bread menu.

On day 4, I found out I start to like this menu. On day 5, I ordered the bread menu for lunch and dinner, but they not allow it. I was afraid to eat heavy food, because I afraid of constipation.

After confinement, I bought this.

 Bread spread from Snow Brand and Kraft Cheese.

And they have become my regular breakfast since then.

Nasi Lemak sambal sotong has dropped to No.2.

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