Thursday, 27 November 2014

Marine Essence Shampoo, Body Wash & Beauty Bar

What dis? *mimick cara Adelea bertanya sesuatu.

Omputih sangat my daughter. Hehehe.

Just want to share about these amazing products I currently use.

Marine Essence Shampoo
Marine Essence Body Wash
Marine Essence Beauty Bar

Marine Essence is specially formulated with Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera , Pu-erh Tea, Liqourice Extract , Bamboo Salt and Vitamin E.

It has all what our skin needed in 1 bar/bottle.

This product is suitable for everybody especially those with problematic skin, dark underarm (or any areas that have dark dirt) eczema, body acne and scar such as stretch marks!

First I used the beauty bar to cleanse dirt at my underarms and neck area. Alhamdulillah, I can see that the dark dirt fading after 1 week of usage. I also apply on stretch marks around my belly, and that fading too!!

Since that, Marine Essence has become my bathroom must have items! I have stop using other brands in the market.
Not only that, 2 weeks ago, I decided to become the agent! Yes you read it right. I’m now Marine Essence agent.
So, if you want to try this magic product, whatssap me at the number given at the 1st picture.

It works magically on me, I do hope, it works on you too.

Other than that, it has good scent which lasted longer than normal brand. It eliminates body odor, so you don’t have to hide behind your deodorant to cover you smelly armpit. Many knows that deodorant is not good especially to us, women.

Last but not least, we still need soap to cleanse everyday right? Why not change to Marine Essence and gain healthy skin?

Bertindak sekarang!! Call/Whatsapp me pantas!

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