Monday, 17 November 2014

The many bags

Women particularly mothers, especially me, is strong.
Because, we can carry many bags;

Handbag weighted kilos.

Laptop Bag

Make Up Bag

Telekung Bag

We have bags in bag. Believe it!

And currently, I was value added myself to “Breastfeeding Moms”, therefore, I got to add 1 more bag to the list;

BreastPump Bag.

Us recently. Notice the big orange tote bag. I put breast pump bag inside, iPad, Adelea’s stuff such as diapers and extra clothes, and some junk foods. People don’t look at me as I am a “nursing moms”, but more to “she’s a pushcart lady”.


Among my siblings, we call the act of carrying too many bags (or things) that contain too many stuff inside (some of it is sometimes unnecessary) as “ngebong-ngebong” (spell ngey-bong). It’s not special language so don’t ask which ethnic I’m coming from. We create that word.

For example you see your sister with her husband and her 3 kids, come back to hometown, they come out from the car, open the car boot, and took out 3 bags each *bear in mind they only stay for 1 night* and before they give Assalamualaikum, you can say *loudly* this words until your sleeping neighbor wake up “kanmain ngebong-ngebong…bawak apaaaaa?” and followed by a langsuir kind of laugh”*high pitch* Hahahahaha”.

We have another term “beg bonanza” referred to a bag (normally big size) that contain everything you need during emergency. One of my nieces starts it.

For example, if we need a stapler, and we can’t find it anywhere in the house…immediately…*ting sound*…nilie have.

Or you need an ointment? --- nilie have.

Or you need needle? --- nilie have.

You name it, you got it.

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