Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Premium Beautiful Specialist

On 10th January, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar/training organized by HBO Team & Syarikat Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing “Train the trainer – Premium Beautiful”. Alhamdulillah, I’m so grateful I was there, learning & adding more knowledge about our Superbrand – Premium beautiful. The goal of the training is to produce as many Premium Beautiful Specialists as possible, who not only expected to making high sales in Premium Beautiful but also knew about Premium Beautiful in details so as to give the right & best services to customers as well.

Morning session, we have been disclosed in details about the Premium Beautiful corset; of material to fabrication/sewing process to fitting & measurement and to its complete care. OMG! No wonder Premium Beautiful qualified as Superbrand, everything every step every stage is taken care of, to get only quality material so that the result will also get a quality Premium Beautiful.

Afternoon session is the most awaited, because there is session on how to “touch up” customer’s body after wearing the Premium Beautiful Corset. Bear in mind, one of the corset functions is to move the extra fat to its original place; tight to butt, stomach to chest, etc. The concept is easy – the area that should have fat will have required fat, the area that shouldn’t have fat will have almost no fat.

The “touch up” session is made live, so we experience the “touch up” skills live! Rather than hear oh do this do that. Easy to forget right? By seeing live, it’ll be in our memory, FOREVER.

What so important to “touch up”?

To allow the wearer’s body look nicer and neater.

Not get it?

Ok, imagine you already put on your Premium Beautiful corset. Ok good. You look amazing because you got your dream shape already. But, can you see the fat around your stomach is still there, whereas that area shouldn’t have. That area we should “touch up” to put the fat back to its original place; chest.

The most important is, after “touch up” you’ll feel super duper comfortable. No more “too tight, cannot breath I’m going to faint” issue.
You know what, eventhough you want to go for kick-boxing with your Premium Beautiful Corset, it shouldn’t be a problem. AT ALL.

Do you ever see people wear corset but, still can see her bloated stomach? Haaaa…..You won’t experience that with Premium Beautiful PLUS “touch up”.


Contact me at 012 739 7718.

We meet up, take your body measurement/fitting and you can have your dream body shape instantly.

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