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Why Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing

*Formerly known as Hai-O Marketing.

Many ask “why I chose Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing?”

Actually, there are few bases why I chose Hai-O Marketing. I tak pilih sembarangan. Ikut-ikut orang and so on. Before I decided to join any MLM company, I tengok pada 3 core factors ni dulu.

#1 A company that is stable & durable – for first-class benefits gain & good returns in the long run.

#2 Products – unique, high demand, easy to sell and if the products are well known it’s such a good bonus.

#3 Lead by impressive leaders & outstanding group.

These 3 factors can be found in Hai-O Marketing.

#1 A company that is stable & durable 
Hai-O Marketing is a subsidiary of KUMPULAN HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD; which is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia KL. Hai-O Marketing established in 1992 and since that has received prestigious awards and recognitions one after another until now.

This factor is very important. Business is not for 1 or 2 years, it’s forever. And my business cannot be in the same scale for many years. I want a business that can grow and survive forever. I want the money that I invested in a company consistently give good returns (at least) in the long run and multiplied over time.

In Hai-O Marketing, it’s not “good benefit” but first class benefit that we can get. Among them are,
1) Retail profit
2) Monthly bonus
3) Recognition Rewards for promotion
4) FREE VVIP oversea trip
5) Car Fund
And many more……
For me la, I’ll rasa rugi yang amat sangat if I manage to make sales puluh-puluh ribu malah juta, tapi apa yang I dapat hanyalah untung runcit. Memanglah dengan sales juta-juta dah confirm boleh pergi melancong, tapi ini FREE. Sapa taknak? I nak.

Sapa tak suka pergi free trip? I nak tarbiyah sikit. Ekekekek…ok gurau.

#2 Products – unique, high demand, easy to sell and if the products are well known it’s such a good bonus.
Hai-O have killer product – Premium Beautiful Corset which is unbeatable. Already dominate the market since 20 years ago and still high demand until now. No company can imitate the quality of this corset.

 If you want to start a business and want high return FAST, it is really recommended to start with Premium Beautiful Corset. Why?
You can Google about individual that who already become a millionaire with Premium beautiful Corset. They have proved it.

Hai-O has supporting product also, which is many and among the super hot products is Marine Essence, Garlic Tablet, Mineral Coffee and Bio Seleza feminine pad. All these products already have market and very high demand.

For example Marine Essence which consist of beauty bar, shampoo, body wash and toothpaste. All are basic needs. Sapalah mandi tak guna sabun kan?
Mineral coffee and garlic tablet normally is taken together and very famous with the nickname “Set Kempis Perut”. Ramai coffee lover kat Malaysia ni, and ramai jugak yang minum coffee yang “tak berapa sihat” tu. So, dari minum coffee macam tu, change to coffee yang tidak memudaratkan. Garlic pulak memang superb for detox. Memang sangat terbukti.
Bio Seleza feminine pad pula memang tak perlu nak cerita panjang-panjang. Memang keperluan kaum wanita.
Jadi, potensi pasaran tu memang dah sedia ada.

Anyone who wants to start business tapi modal terhad, I really recommend to start with those products first.

Sebab apa? Sebab I start this business with supporting product also. I kategori modal terhad. Ekekekek.
Modal terhad pun, in 3 months I manage to grow my business from supporting products to Killer Products – Premium Beautiful Corset. So you see…how much you start with is not the barrier for you to succeed. What really counts is our effort, our diligence, our initiative to grow our business.
Must believe that rezeki tu ada.

#3 Lead by impressive leaders & outstanding group.
Dalam MLM, be in the right group is VERY IMPORTANT. Because we want to stay exist in this business forever. I need leader to show to me the way to success. I want leader to guide me how to success. I have zero knowledge about business. Without knowledge how can I succeed? Syok sendiri. Pakai buat je. Even in business there is no right and no wrong, but if we have strategy, the path is clearer. Right? Paling best group that I joined provide FREE class twice a week. All costs bear by the leader. What we have to do is only attend the class, grab the knowledge and apply it to achieve more and more sales.
Takde istilah, ambil stock haaaa pepandailah kau menjual. Bukan ya. Bukan.

And with the technology we live in, distance is not a problem. Personal touch, class, or tutor done in internet; whatsapp, Facebook Group and many more. So, sangat senang. I don’t have to give my 24 hour a day to this business, but orders always come 24 hours. Nampak tak permainan strategy kat situ. Hehe.

My leader. Jauh dimata dekat dihati.

CDM Kak Hamisah Alias.

CDM Kak Nur Faziha.

DDM Noor Fonseka. Bakal CDM, anytime je ni.

DSM Aziah. Ni pun berdesap desup mencanak-canak sales naik sekelip mata.

Wanita2 hebat.
Walaupun diorang ni hebat, saya taknak jadi macam diorang, huh!!! Tak maulah!
Hahahaha. Semangat berapi.

Ni pictures masa pergi kelas. Actually, ada banyak lagi. But, I'll upload later.

So, any of you who still looking for business to join, want to upgrade your life, want to have extra income, jangan malu jangan segan. Give me a call, we set up appointment then I can explain to you about this business. Step by step akan di ajar. Tugas kita hanya apply dan nikmati pulangan yang menggembirakan hati tu je.
Kalau malu nak call, whatsapp, SMS, Facebook pun boleh.

012 739 7718.
Norrosilah Haroun.
Premium Beautiful Specialist.

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