Friday, 29 January 2016

Kepentingan Pantiliner (BIO SELEZA)

While browsing the Web in the internet, I found this.

This is hilarious…and gross!!
I mean…OMG, you are an adult now, and your Mama still have to worry on your habit of wearing dirty underwear. You seriously have BIIIGGGGG hygiene issue.

I don’t know la you all. But for myself, memang tak selesa kalau pakai underwear dalam satu masa yang agak lama. Ni I pakai pantiliner, tak tinggal tau during the day. Yang jenis tak pakai pantiliner tu, then pakai underwear yang sama dalam jangka masa yang lama, aiyaiyai…entah berapa juta bakteria terkumpul kat underwear tu. Lelaki ke perempuan ke, please…change your underwear at least twice a day.

Eh, I found more. Funny though!

Ladies, wear a clean underwear and pantiliner.
Wearing pantiliner is very important as it helps to keep our intimate clean and protects it from bacteria and germs which proven to be dangerous and may lead to vaginal infections.

If you think you don’t need pantiliner because your underwear is clean enough…well, think again.

No one can be sure that the washing machine able to wash cleanly. When the clothes smelled clean, especially if we add fabric softener, we thought it’s clean (Yeah, I fall into that trap too). But, in all probability, it could have residual of detergent remain on the fabrics, unseen.

The detergent itself have chemical. Imagine this: after wash, you hung the underwear for them to dry. After it’s dried, you fold & store them. Then after 1 week, you wear the same underwear again, without pantiliner. Without you realize, there is residual detergent (chemical) left on that underwear, and once you wear it, it’ll have direct contact to your Vagina. That residual when it met the humidity of your Vagina, well…I tell you…that’s the most productive place for the bacteria and all kind of germs to breed.

And that’s (probably) where you got your itchy, vaginal discharge (keputihan), period pain, dirty urine what so not of vaginal infection, and the dreaded one - cancer.

Study proven that, pantiliner or sanitary pad is one of the causes for cervical cancer. That’s why, choosing the right pantiliner is crucial. Definitely you don’t want your protector became the main suspect of your death.

My choice since about half & year ago is BIO SELEZA. It has sanitary pad & pantiliner range and each piece of Bio Seleza contains 4 main functions that help to protect our intimate as well as to keep it clean, fresh & healthy.

Other clean & healthy features such as:
1 – The packaging is fully covered, to avoid dust enter into the package. You know la, sometimes we will keep few packets in our handbag for “emergency” time. *__*
2 – Each pack has expiry date. So, you can be sure you are not wearing the old ones. Macam you all makan makanan yang dah basi or expired, sakit perut kan? So, lebih kurang la. Sakit V you all.
3 – The adhesive use is from high grade quality, because studies proven that, some adhesive (of course the low grade one) contains chemical that may harm our Vagina.

I’m very proud to say that, BIO SELEZA is packed to the nearest perfection with high level of hygiene standard.

So, here I show to you how to choose a quality pad or pantiliner.

Siapa-siapa yang kerja long hour dalam suatu masa, contohnya stewardess ke yang schedule untuk long hour flight, memang sesuai sangatlah. Yang kerja shift hour, or kerja dalam condition yang toilet berjauhan or toilet macam haremmm, sesuai sangat pakai pantiliner BIO SELEZA. Selain dari rasa kering, menghilangkan keputihan, menghilangkan gatal dan sebagainya, so, nak solat pun rasa confident. If tak rasa confident, just tukar pantiliner BIO SELEZA yang baharu. Adhesive dekat BIO SELEZA tu memang bagus sangat. Confirm tak senget-senget.

BIO SELEZA ni memang menjanjikan keselesaan yang optimum.

 Macam mana rupa pantiliner BIO SELEZA?

Each BIO SELEZA pad & pantiliner will have that green layer. It is anti-bacterial core strip, which have been infused with Bio-activated energy, Nano Silver and negative ions that kill bacteria effectively. In addition, it helps to promote cell activity, improve blood circulation, and relieve menstrual pain and aid in detoxification.

That is why, anyone who have severe period pain will deadly find BIO SELEZA, because it proven to relieve the period pain. Unless you want to gobble down the menstrual pill until you reach menopause, then go ahead. But, BIO SELEZA is still here waiting for you to use them, in case you looking forward for healthier solution.

BIO SELEZA mahal? ermmmmm jika anda rasa penjagaan kesihatan itu mahal, cuba alami kesakitan dahulu.

To order: PM/Telegram/Whatsapp 012 - 739 7718

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