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Kelas Dolomite : 27th January 2016

Alhamdulillah, still have the opportunity to attend Dolomite Class held last Wednesday. It’s not possible if without His Will. The best, we got surprise when #CDMSITIROHANA came to the class that night.
I’ve been with the business for more than a year now and tonight is the first time I met her live in person.

The 1st speaker for the night is also equally astounding and humorous too. For that 1 hour plus of his session, we can’t stop laughing when he shares his own experience based on the topic for the night. I managed to jot down some powerful tips for power closing. Love this business to bits. Everything is guided from A to Z. Such a waste if we didn’t grab it.

Sorry, no picture of the 1st speaker. But, if you want to know about this funny guy, you can Google “Said Saiful” & thousands of searches will come out. He’s banyak duit tau. And single too..heh heh heh.

End of 1st speaker session, the MC announces on Kak Ana presence. OMG just hearing that is giving me goosebumps. What a lucky night to all of us who came. Kak Ana does not giving class but more to motivation and sharing her life experience after many years in this awesome business.

That night, Kak Ana stress out about PROVIDE THE BEST EDUCATION FOR OUR CHILDREN.

I summarize it here:

1 – Kak Ana always gives her kids motivation to aim for the best education, especially Islamic education. She encourages his 2nd child to go for a University in Madinah.

Phewwww…you know, the cost is not cheap. But…

2 –Kak Ana guarantee him that he doesn’t have to worry a thing about the fees or any expenses, because if he not qualified for any scholarship, she will pay for all the cost. What his son needs to do is to make sure he got a place in the University at Madinah. That’s all.

Phewwww…totally different mindset with mine.
I always think of encouraging my kids to study hard, got flying colors result, enroll into university with full scholarship, so I don’t have to worry a thing about the fees & expenses!

I think most of us have the same mindset as mine.

The 2nd point hit straight to my heart. Current news of JPA; suspension indefinitely – THIS really is a mind opener to me not to depend solely on scholarship.

So you have that GBP20,000?

3 – When we have motivated them & give guarantee, we have to make sure we are financially prepared. Show to the kids, we are financially prepared. If we are not, they might think all the guarantee is a bluff, because, how we going to pay for the expenses?

This is true. When we see our parents don’t have money, we don’t go to them and ask for some pocket money. We rather starve, aren’t we?

Some more, do you dare to give financial guarantee when you know that you are not affording to it? Kids nowadays are cleverer than we might think. Worst, if they know we can’t afford it, it makes them demotivated and has less interest in learning. They prefer to have job earlier because they can’t stand to live in a “not enough money” parents anymore.

Do you want this to happen to your child?

If your answer is no, then start think of something to earn extra money now, so that you can have more saving for your child education.
Business is one of the ways. Networking business is recommended.

“My child is very understanding. They didn’t really ask more than their parents can afford”. Some parents exclaimed.

Yeah, I agree. What a lucky parents you are to have such a good child. Since you know that your child is a good child, don’t you yourself want to give THE BEST for him/her? Just because he/she is a good child, so it gives you excuse not working hard and having more saving for their education? Don’t you want that?

4 – Send your kids to Private School.
Not that Public School is not good, but just checks the condition now. There is school which has 40 students in 1 class. If we have money, we can send them to a better school. Why not, right?

I think, sending kids to private school has been parents’ choice currently. I heard & see some of my friends send their kids to Private Primary School, I’m not sure about the syllabus, but I can feel that the attention from the teachers is better than the Public School.

Just imagine a class with 40 students in Public School and a class with 20 students in Private School. You know which is better.

But, despite their frequent proud FB status of sending their kids to Private, their grievances & complaints about the fees is more frequent. As if they are not happy. Ya la, who happy right?

5 – When we have more money, how much the fee is, will not be a problem for us to pay.

Not enough money? Think, go and find more money. Not giving up “private school is for the rich, yang biasa-biasa sekolah biasa sudah. Bersyukur”. Something not right somewhere with our attitude and mindset.

6 – As a parent, always motivate them to study hard. Never say that “they still young let them play…” no such thing. Because kids are better absorb when they are still kids. The kids actually have big potential that parents always never see them. Kids actually are capable to do more than reading, do math whatsoever the parents thought the kids cannot do. Don’t limit their precious potential.

From now on, change mindset – encourage them, motivate them, do no limit their potential. You will see big change in your kids. But first off all, YOU MUST CHANGE FISRT. Motivate yourself & give yourself a guarantee that if you change you’ll get more than what you expected.

Okay…that’s it. That’s what I remembered from Kak Ana speech that night. Such an encouraging motivational speech & I’m so inspired of her. More enthusiastic to increase sale, to strengthen my network, I just want to be like her. I want the best for my kids.

InsyaAllah. To Allah I pray, everything will be eased by Him.

The rest of the night, we enjoy ourself taking selfies.

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