Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Little Boy & Applejack

Meet Little Boy.

 New toy we brought home for Emran

Adelea keeps calling this elephant head toy as Little Boy. She talks to it as it is real such as,

“Come on Little Boy” and strolled it away.

“Sit here Little Boy” parked the toy below dining table and have her dinner.

“Let’s go Little Boy” carried the toy to dining hall.

“Good boy Little Boy”……………………

“Hey Little Boy”…………..and many more which I don’t remember.

It’s weird, though. Because I rarely named things, has never taught her to name things also. I certainly no idea where she got it. But she seems enjoy to play with it more than Emran.

Emran loves to pull things while he walks; his favourite is the bag string. And now, since he knows where we kept all the bags – a bag tree where we hanged all the bags, he’ll take us & lead us to the bag tree. Such a clever boy.

Asan scared of the bag will damage, so, he bought a pull-toy for him. Just that we were so stupid, instead of we bought a pull-toy, we bought a push-toy. It was clearly stated outside the box – Pop ‘n Push Elephant, but we didn’t read it. We did test the toy; we pull it, and still the ball pop out. So, you know…that’s the end of the story. Moral of the story: READ.

For Adelea, we bought Applejack from My Little Pony to add in her collection. Less than 5 minutes Applejack checked in, Adelea said “Mommy, nanti beli Peiri (Rarity) & EnbowDash (Rainbow Dash) pulak tau”

So far, she owns Twilight Sparkle (purple), Pinki Pie (pink), Applejack (Orange), Princess Fuschia.

You know, since the incident – she cried out loud at Toys R Us sebab dia nak sangat My Little Pony, OMG malu tu tuhan je tau. Really have to teach her BEHAVE lesson. Tak boleh pujuk langsung. Not that we not going to buy for her, it’s her birthday, and we have promised her, she will get My Little Pony for her birthday present. But, when we look at the price --- sakit jantung. Again, not that we not going buy for her. We have allocated about RM200 because we know My Little Pony is not cheap. What make us hesitant to buy is that, harga tu tak berbaloi langsung. We thought with RM200, we can get a big figure, but not. We bought for her Princess Twilight Sparkle; the figure is very small, about as big as my palm ONLY, there is a cute purple cart come together in the box, and the cart is decorated with little-little star hanging at the door & the wall. Not worth it! It’s cute but not worth it. Hahaha.

But maybe because of, I don’t really have so much money then. Then I thought that size for a price of RM200 is not worth it. Could be, if I have more money, I’ll say “That’s all? Take the full collection” Hahahaha.

After all, kids, you should thank Ayah. He bought it, not mommy. Ayah got the income tax refund & apparently got your rezeki inside. Always feel thankful & please take a good care of your toys & Ayah too.

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