Friday, 17 February 2017

Throwback Label

This will be new label in my blog. (^ o ^)
Under this label, I’ll share not only old pictures, but also stories that happened to me in the past and now the memories come back.

Usually, I am easily reminded of the past when I am alone, often is when I’m at the kitchen - cooking. While cooking; while stirring the fish or cutting the onions or whatever doings, my thought starts to reminisce the old memories. Not only my thought remind me of the things that I already know, but somehow it managed to dig in further in the history section of my brain, allow me to see things that I never aware before. Make me think such as “oh… wonder” “Mannn...why I never think of that before, no wonder it happened’ etc etc etc and after that regret for not being cleverer in the past.

If counting the times of me cooking, I think there are quite a lot of old good memories that I’ve been remembered. But, after I finish cook, the memory also ended its journey. Puffff!!! Gone without leaving a trace that I – today, has remembered them. Never have the chance to write them in my blog.

So, now, I’ve new determination; everytime I remember something, I’ll hold it & write it. They are such a valuable memories which I think is a waste if it be forgotten just like that. Well, at least to me. They are my memories; memories that I’ll cherish on when I’m older. Yeah, long life Ros. Amin.

You can start too if you want. We are getting older. The memory vein will somehow weaken regardless of how many bottle of mind booster you gobble down into your body.

Start writes. Now.

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